When I enable the Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module the entire site doesn´t work. ( just a blanc page) I have no idea what the problem or conflict is. Like in joomla The module is the most eye-catching way to display featured articles in the slide show, The module usually put in the top of the main content. Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module. Topics asdasd asd asd assda. asdas as dasd as dasd. Identifier LofArticlesslideshowModule.

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Please Log in or Create an account to join the conversation. Your help is much apreciated. I had a problem with mootools and lfo it and all worked fine.

Hi Sven, what do you want to know? At the moment I can enable the module and run the website without a blanc page.


I dont get a carrousel but one article after the other. I found the issue. After that rename the htaccess. If you have problem, let me know.

News module like Lof Articlesslideshow – Flexicontent – FLEXIcontent – Advanced CCK for Joomla!

You have to create a new htaccess. There is slideshow – carousel template for universal module that we have under works, but never got around into finishing.


Maybe this is the answer to my problem. I did search google but cant really find a good answer. Log in Create an account.

Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module

But first you can try to disable the Joomla SEO function: Create list items needing If so can anyone explain me how to do this or maybe give me a link with good tutorial. Adding position in item v Template Layout to mynews 2. Einzelnes Theme Download 1 Template Das sog.

Board Categories Support Forum – Joomla 3. After that, rename the htaccess. Hello I think I have done all steps of installation. I still had the slight problem that the images in the navigator were to big and filling up all the space of the navigator. I can not find bootstrap-carousel. I need to display for exemple featured articles or articles from a selected category with scrolling or slideshow including image and text. I didn’t change any codes to display featured articles.

I use article id in source settings. Create mynews folder and images folder in mynews folder. Hi, Thanks for your quick reply. Start Prev 1 2 Next End 1 2. Like the our support? If I use category in source settings i get the blanc page again.


Flexi scroller does it but not so pretty as Lof ArticlesSlideshow. And why do you need a tutorial? And that did the trick. Kof around with CSS. News module like Lof Articlesslideshow.

Lof ArticlesSlideShow Module : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

First off all many thanks to joomlaplates support. Is it possible to get a module displaying like Lof Articleslideshow?

As you explained I have to create a new htaccess. This solved my problem pof I hope for others as well. If I have enough knowledge I’ll try to customize one of these modules.

Only problem is that the slideshow is empty.

How to create a membershi I changed the permission of the entire image directory to If I use category in source settings i get the blanc page again It seems not the problem which can be fixed with htaccess. Just do that, below: Play around with Image artilesslideshow to make desired view. My SEO settings are: