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The departments of the Commission in charge of animal welfare issues and agricultural policy have not had any contact or collaboration with FederFauna and are not aware of any of its activities.

Following the sharp improvement of confidence and financial indicators ESI, PMI, government bond spreads in the first half of the year, and despite their temporary weakening in spring due to uncertainties over the Cypriot programme, tourism triggered the improvement in the second quarter of and supported a good GDP reading in the third quarter.

It is however by definition impossible to quantify the proportion of these amounts from which Roma benefit, either directly or indirectly, given that this is largely general mainstream, rather than targeted, expenditure. It is not within the competence of the Commission to propose binding minimum standards. The Commission constantly promotes the acceptance of animal welfare standards with its trading partners and in multilateral organisations.

In general, Member States may restrict the use of border crossing points to a certain category of persons such as local border residents, or citizens of the two neighbouring countries concerned and other EU citizens, or to a certain category of transport, for example excluding heavy vehicles. Joomla forms builder by JoomlaShine. How many visits to Portugal by experts have there been in this regard and how many reports have been produced? In this light, it has included in the Visa Facilitation Agreements that have been concluded with these countries provisions that facilitate travel inter alia for representatives of civil society organisations and journalists.

Can the Commission say to what extent it takes account of the results of its public consultations? How will the Commission encourage the UN to develop such a global chemicals panel?

During the abovementioned visit, the Portuguese statistical authorities informed Eurostat on the follow-up of the previous statistical misreporting case in the Autonomous Region of Madeira discussed in a visit by Eurostat to Portugal inincluding the investigation launched at national level by the Public Prosecutor, the discussions held in the Statistical Council and the national statistical law, where sanctions are foreseen.


curs Documents – VDOKUMENTS

Possible link between aluminium and neurodegenerative diseases. Turismo del welfare in Gran Bretagna. The Commission will assess all the relevant questions raised in relation to the proposal for DA and will revise it as necessary.

This is important because healthcare should be provided to all on an equal footing, and many patients are not able to take out loans or otherwise finance their healthcare abroad, even if they can expect to receive reimbursement later from their own Member State.

Proposals now before the legislator are of primary interest to this goal: Does the Commission agree that freedom of speech and freedom of the press have been violated yet again in Turkey and that this attitude is plainly at odds with the values of the European Union, which Turkey has been trying to join in vain for many years? If the report in question is not publicly available, how can a media outlet justifiably have had access to it?

Projects co-financed by Structural Funds are not monitored on a sub-group basis, so no specific take-up rates are available. The Commission is currently preparing an impact assessment of a statute for a European mutual society as part of the preparation of a proposal for such a statute and to ensure a level playing field for all enterprises.

How does Frontex explain the considerable fluctuation in costs between andand what purchases explain the dramatic increase in costs in ? If this report is not publicly available, how is it possible that a media organisation has been able to access it?

What properties does the Authority fully or partly own? The impact of the single currency and common policies on divergence between Member States.

What does the Commission recommend to prevent such bacteria from spreading beyond hospitals and into the community? What were the average costs for administrative missions inandrespectively? A CEI can be used either to pre-select candidates to be invited to submit tenders in response to future restricted procedures, or to collect a list of vendors to be invited to submit requests to participate or tenders in response to future procurement procedures. The preparation of delegated acts involves discussions in the context of expert groups with experts from the Member States and European Parliament.

The reasons are unclear, however, as the Turkish authorities refuse to explain either to his employer or to the Dutch Foreign Ministry what grounds they have for such harsh treatment. All these provisions must be interpreted in the light of the fundamental rights of the individuals concerned, particularly the freedom of employment.


The organisation and the management of tax systems is primarily the responsibility of Member States. Alleged overfishing in the Baltic Sea by Swedish vessels. The classification was agreed by Eurostat inbased on the latest available information at that time.

However, a gradual improvement can be noted in the implementation actuaizata this normative framework, concerning in particular the registration of churches.

EUR-Lex Access to European Union law

Dalla rivolta di Gezi Park, i giornalisti stranieri non sono visti di buon occhio in Turchia. Reform of the pension system in Italy.

In almost all cases, undertakings are not the Commission’s contractors. The Acthalizata Commission considers the recommendations in the final report of the CRIM Committee an important point of reference for shaping policies for the fight against organised crime, corruption and money laundering.

Quali azioni intende intraprendere, a livello europeo, la Commissione a tale riguardo? The answers also addressed how satisfactory protection from disconnection was ensured for vulnerable customers. Following this alert, the Commission will perform a quality check of the TR registration of this organisation, covering its activities with relation to EU legislative activity i. Therefore the quality checks do not actualiazta the effect of formally clearing the declaration or constituting a validation process.

Use the Advanced search. Commission approach to open document formats. Alte articole in aceasta categorie: What costs were incurred for the purchase of these properties, and in which years? Turkey’s unfulfilled obligations towards the EU.

EUR-Lex – CFULL – EN – EUR-Lex

How many new employees did Frontex hire inandor how many will it hire? My own constituency of Northern Ireland has suffered, and continues to suffer, the devastating economic impact of organised crime, particularly in the border regions.

How will it account for the change and the difference in programming actializata as a result of the new Multiannual Financial Framework and of the new programmes and policies for in its activities over the coming year, and particularly in the desired implementation of proposals in progress, against a backdrop of economic and financial crisis which is slow to change?

What research does he have to back it up?