Le Ménagier de Paris a été imprimé aux frais et par les soins de la Société des Bibliophiles françois. Il en a été tiré vingt-quatre exemplaires sur grand papier. The Good Wife’s Guide (Le Ménagier de Paris). ‘You said that you would not fail to improve yourself according to my teaching and correction, and you would do. Le Menagier de Paris. After these matters it is desirable to tell you of various general terms relating to cookery of any quality, and then you will be shown how to.

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Item, you cut it up and split it like a pig, along the back, and sometimes roast it on the spit in its skin, and then eat with a hot sauce such as sauce brule in winter.

The platters and dishes follow: Item, when this cod is caught at the edge of the sea [78] and you want it to keep for ten or twelve years, you gut it, and take off its head, and dry it in the air and sun, and not with fire or smoke; and when this is done, it is called stockfish [79].

And if desired, fry a part of that which was parboiled, and this ray will keep well for eight days. In the right season for salting, take a quantity of beef tongues and parboil them a little, then take them out and skin them, then salt them one after another, and lay them in salt for eight days or ten, then hang them in the fireplace, leaving them there for the winter: Note, the crow includes the last stomach, the pancreas and the guts, which the tripers sell all clean, washed and prepared, rinsing in good clean water; but those who buy them should not worry about the triper’s work, but wash them in two or three changes of hot water, and again in hot salt water; and then put them to cook in unsalted water, until they are nice, then nourish with sheep’s water, and add herbs, water, and saffron in a dish with the crow, and eat as tripe, with salt and verjuice.

White beets with capons, roast goose with sciaena and chitterlings, pieces of beef and mutton, a Georgian stew of hares, veal, coneys.

Lampreys, shad, a roast, sweetened milk with crusts in it, Pisan that is Lombardy tarts, cream fritters. Gurnet is the next largest, and both species are a tan colour.

Soup from beet-leaves washed, then minced and parboiled, is greener that those which are mfnagier parboiled and then chopped.

Le Ménagier de Paris – Wikipedia

Have parsley and fry it in butter, then throw boiling water on it and make it boil: First, array of cloths to lay, dishes for cleaning and for the kitchen, may, green herb to put on the table, ewers and footed goblets, two bowls for sugared almonds, silver salt-cellars, two-day-old bread for bread-crumbs and trenchers.

Item, carp with pale-coloured scales and no yellow or red, are from good water. Do it in a black sauce of ginger, clove, long and grain pepper, etc. The white are good in winter, and salmon-trout in summer.


BRILL menagifr scalded, prepared as above, cooked and eaten, for it is of the same species and flavour, except only that the brill is smaller, and the turbot larger and better. STOCKFISH lf be cut into square pieces like a chequerboard, then soak for only one night, then take it out of the water, and put it to dry on a cloth; then put your oil on to boil, then fry your pieces of fish in menagiet little oil, and eat with mustard or garlic sauce.

BARBEL is roasted with verjuice, the small ones in winter in soup or fried with yellow pepper; item, in winter, in sharp or yellow pepper, for they are the same. They have done a service to all those who teach medieval literature, women’s literature, gender studies, and late medieval culture by having gracefully and carefully prepared a text of such significance and interest.

Le Menagier de Paris: A Parisian Bourgeoisie Household in 1400

One pars large eyes starting out of its head, and whose tongue and the roof of the mouth are smooth and oily, is fat. The best roast etc. This edition presents the book in its entirety, as it must have existed for its earliest readers. Item, a dozen and a half other rolled wafers and as many flat ones. HOG Laris, actually using the entrails, which should be emptied in the river, then washed twice in warm water, and put them in a pan and rub thoroughly in salt and water, then wash again in warm water.

Frumenty with porpoise, rich pasties and roast mackerel, mebagier in a roast and thin pancakes, oysters, fried dried fish with a crisp pastry of pike. Part 6 – Potages Communs sans espices et non lians pages Recipes for pottages, purees, and instructions for choosing good cheese.

Ménagier de Paris

Frumenty, venison, browned [vegetables], lampreys in a hot sauce, fried bread slices and meat tarts, roast bream, gruel with verjuice, sturgeon and jelly. Pages using citations with accessdate and no URL All articles with dead external links Articles with dead external links from February At Pierre-au-Lait, a sixth of full-cream milk without water added, to make the frumenty. For ten bowls, take twenty strips of the cold meat from dinner and from the leg of beef; and let the strips be small like slices of bacon, and fry them in fat on the fire on the griddle.

Part 8 – Autres potages lians de char pages Meat pottages and broths. After you have added and adjusted by the right amounts and quantities, so that you have half as much onions as blood, and a quarter as much suet as blood, and then when your black puddings are filled with this, put them to cook in a pan in the water from the lights, and prick with a pin when they swell, or otherwise they will burst. On meat days, in pie, they should be covered with broad strips of bacon. Like most of the original resources on medieval cuisine that is to say, books and manuscripts actually written in the medieval periodits many recipes include information on ingredients and preparation methods, but are short on quantifying anything; most ingredients are given without specifying amounts, and most cooking methods are listed, without specifying amount of heat and time of cooking.

And if the soup is thick, thin with a little meat stock. Frumenty, venison, pears and nuts. Item, you need one or two water-carriers. Medieval cookbooks 14th-century books French books French cookbooks. Note extraordinary expenses for the wedding of Jehan du Chesne.


And note that as soon as you see your soup is sticking, do not stir it at all but take it immediately off the fire and put in another pot. At the pastry-cook order: Take a thigh of muttonand grease or marrow of beef or veal chopped small and onions chopped small, and set to boil and cook in a well-covered pot in a small amount of meat stock or other liquid, then put to boil in it spices, and a little vinegar to sharpen it, and arrange it in a dish.

Inasmuch as in this area, one says numbles on the one hand, and bourbelier on the other. Andrew’s day [November 30] which is before Christmas, sheep are salted in quarters, by rubbing well with salt, and rubbing again, and so on and so on, and then piling the quarters on top of each other for eight days and then putting in the fireplace.

Item, as to the said waferer, service on the wedding day as above in the preceding wedding. Of one loach you can eat half cooked in water, and the other half may be salted for one day or two days, up to eight days, but in this case it must be soaked to get the salt out, then it can be parboiled and then drained, then fried and eaten with yellow pepper.

Item, they shopped for twenty bowls, for the wedding-day dinner, and for six bowls for the servants, and this cost six deniers per bowl, and served each bowl eight wafers, four supplications and four stirrup wafers. Again, make a little bacon boil in a pot, and when it is half cooked, have a fresh mackerel, and cut it up and put it in to cook, and then take it all out, and add chopped parsley to boil till it bubbles and serve. SPINY LOBSTERS are large crayfish, and are good cooked in water, and you have to stop up with tow or oakum the tail through which you emptied it and also the jaw and the feet which are broken, and all other places through which any liquid might issue from its body, and then cook in water or in the oven, and eat with vinegar.

Item, for anyone who has no other meat except cuttlefish, and it is fried with onions as above, then put in two dishes with a good sauce of boiled garlic thrown on it, this would be a quite passable dish. At the baker’s, ten dozen flat white bread baked one day ahead and costing one denier each [28].

Item, at Mrnagier, from St. A bacon gruel, smothered rice, jellied eels, any roast saltwater or freshwater fish, rissoles 41, thin pancakes and much sugar [or sugared sea-wife, a fish JH ].