Cleanth Brooks, an eminent New Critic, advocates the centrality of paradox as a way of understanding and interpreting poetry, in his. This presentation is based on Cleanth Brooks’s essay “The Language of Paradox ,”, wherein Cleanth Brooks emphasizes how the language of. In the article “The Language of Paradox,” author Cleanth Brooks argues that poetry is made up of a language of paradox, meaning that poetry is made up of a .

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Paradox in poetry means that tension at the surface of a verse can lead to apparent contradictions and hypocrisies. The poet must work by contradiction and qualification.

lceanth The tone of irritation that is seen at the opening of the poem becomes something very different. Reveals itself in the balance or reconcilement of opposite or discordant qualities: For other uses, see Paradox disambiguation.

He neatly and contemptuously epitomizes the two main categories of secular success in the line: The intense world is actively achieved and not received passively: The image gathers up two early comparisons — that of the tapers and of the eagle and the dove. Cleanth Brooksan active member of the New Critical movement, outlines the use of reading poems through paradox as a method of critical cleanfh.

Paradox (literature) – Wikipedia

An Anthology2nd Ed. Their Roots, Range, and Resolution.

Studies in the Structure of Poetry. The clleanth daringly treats profane love as if it were divine love. The poet is filled with worship, but the girl who walks with him is not.

Enter the email address you signed up brpoks and we’ll email you a reset link. In llanguage, the New Critical techniques were found to be very effective with such forms as lyric poetry but not with genres like the novel, which are heavily invested in cultural, social, historical and moral readings.

Log In Sign Up. It is a perpetual part of the craft of poetry and cannot be kept out, but can only be directed and controlled. Paradox, however, is essential to the structure and being paraodx the poem. Brooks points also to secondary paradoxes in the poem: The Well Wrought Urn: The method is only an extension of the normal language of poetry, not a pervasion of it.


The paradox runs deeper than this contrast. He argues that because their love is not mundane, the lovers can afford to reject the world. This revivifies the metaphor and makes clear the sense in which the poet accepts it. There is a different approach to the issue at hand; chiefly that the poet has to work by analogies. Help Center Find new research paraodx in: The argument for the centrality of paradox and irony becomes a reductio ad absurdum and is therefore void or at least ineffective for literary analysis.

Paradox (literature)

Thus it was out of the question that they could disregard context in studying literature, much less be judges of ideal canons. His reading of “The Canonization” in The Language of Paradoxwhere paradox becomes central to expressing complicated ideas of sacred and secular love, provides an example of this development. O lovers remain the same and the love is not merely lust. This is merely a matter of prejudice. Since London was created by man, and man is a part of nature, London is thus too a part of nature.

This makes the continual tilting of the planes an immediate necessity.

Irony functions as a presence in the off — the overriding context of the surrounding words that make up the poem. The implication is that the poet himself recognizes the absurdity of these love metaphors. Statements such as Wilde’s “I can resist anything except temptation” and Chesterton’s “spies do not look like spies” [2] are examples of rhetorical paradox.

Studying a passage of prose or poetry in New Critical style required careful, exacting scrutiny of the passage itself. The paradox, discovered by the poem’s end, is that the girl is more full of worship than the speaker precisely because she is always consumed with sympathy for nature and not — as is the speaker — in brookz with nature while immersed in it. Its death is life.


The study of English, however, remained less defined and it became a goal of the New Critical movement to justify literature in an age of science by separating the work from its author and critic see Wimsatt and Beardsley’s Intentional fallacy and Affective lnaguage and by examining it as a self-sufficient artifact.

The phoenix rises paradlx its brokks but not for mere sifting and measuring of the ashes. Views Read Edit View history. Skip to main content. The opening line brioks the stanza is very important in this sense: In short, it would make literature an isolated phenomenon.

It is however, not possible that the metaphors will fit on the same plane. Irony for Brooks is “the obvious warping of a statement by the context” [6] whereas paradox is later glossed as a special kind of qualification that “involves the resolution of opposites.

For one, Brooks believes that the very structure of poetry is paradox, and ignores the other subtleties of imagination and power that poets bring to their poems.

Cleanth Brooks and The Language of Paradox | sucheta sankar –

In his reading of Wordsworth’s poem, “Composed upon Westminster Bridge”Brooks contends that the poem offers paradox not in its details, but in the situation the speaker creates. This page was last edited on 22 Novemberat This makes it a permissible feature of clwanth epigram or a satire, sub- varieties of poetry, but not of poetry itself. Studies in the Structure of Poetry In “The Formalist Critics,” Brooks offers “some articles of faith” to which he subscribes. A similar lantuage is used in Shakespeare ‘s Romeo and Julietwhen Juliet says, “For saints have hands that pilgrims’ hands do touch and palm to palm is holy palmer’s kiss.