Data IC LA Data Voltage PIN 1. SIF OUTPUT V PIN 2. IF AGC FILTER 0V PIN 3. SIF INPUT V PIN 4. FM FILTER V PIN 5. LA PIN 1= SIF OUTPUT [V DC] PIN 2= IF AGC FILTER PIN 3= SIF INPUT [V DC] PIN 4= FM FILTER PIN 5= FM OUTPUT [V~V] PIN 6= AUDIO. Part Number: LA Function: 64Pin LA for Color Television Receiver / SERVICE MANUAL. Maker: Unspecified Pinouts: LA

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A service manual will help greatly in attempting to troubleshoot this unless it is an obvious bad connection. The current in the base of V Ib also decreases simultaneously. Enable Killer circuit Ever ddatasheet the color control is minimized, but maybe there is still has little color left in the picture.

The diverse current flow back pin1 of T via R The DC voltage is about 2. This risk is most likely with the power circuity in amplifiers, TV s and monitors, or low level circuits in VCRs. You should not be touching components with the device powered and plugged in at leastnot until you really know what you are doing! Over modulation adjust switch 0: You will be eternally grateful when the time comes to reassemble the unit.

(PDF) LA76931 Datasheet download

The datasgeet flyback and yoke current are now flowing through the forward biased damper diode,D1. I Discharge 16 Mylar capacitor 1K 0. This is called non-simultaneous base drive, which is most common. Ultimately it may reach a level where the transformer core may go into saturation. When Selected Video Out Mode, this signal which is selected by a video switch among 56pin or 54 pin input signal, is amplified 6dB and then output here. Recommended Oscillation Circuit and Sample Datasgeet.


What happens to the HV? The most effort goes into the optimization of the magnitude of the base current. Without special measures, brighter pictures will be larger.

When the secondary load increase, also the magnetisation current will increase. We recommended the value of C1 is 0. At this point with a confirmed color signal source, there is a problem with the chroma circuitry.

There is necessary to use a coupling capacitor to combine with it. Many problems associated with consumer electronic equipment do not require a schematic though one may be useful. Whenever working on precision equipmentmake copious notes and diagrams. The safety of the television will be effected while the voltage was changed So we must adopt regulative circuit to ensure the stabilization of the output voltage.

Horizontal output transistor specs and substitution: The input impedance is about 50k and the DC voltage is biased at about 2. In TVla76913s need switching typical power to provide stable DC.

That also reduces the EHT even further, but the deflection current has a stronger effect on the picture width than the EHT. This reduces the scanning speed near the edges. Safety first – know the hazards associated with the equipment you are troubleshooting.


This means that also the switch -on moment of the HOT will vary with the load. However, you may find that the cap on the CRT socket snaps off using a thin knife blade or screwdriver.

Then it will pass through a amplifier after the DC output is eatasheet. Check for tan to brown stuff shorting traces on the CRT neck board. There are scan rectifier and the coupling factor with the primary is decent.

LA Datasheet PDF – 64Pin IC for Color TV Receiver

This is called S-correction. For the use with the temperature outside of the range herein, or in the applications requiring high reliability such as car products, please consult with oscillator manufacturer.

There are 3 freedoms: It is not generated by special circuit. We recommend using together with LA serial. B The flyback also generates the HV and secondary output voltages and the primary current might then be affected by these and change as a function of beam current picture brightness or audio level although feeding the audio amplifiers from LOT windings is not common anymore.

Some of them willto put it mildly, appear quite obscure or to put it more positively, creative at first.