Johann Christoph Blumhardt was born July 16, in Stuttgard, Germany. His family was poor but teachers found him to be gifted and they encouraged his. “They all trace their Christian understanding of the world and God’s kingdom to Johann Christoph Blumhardt, a humble pastor in Germany who. Johann Christoph Blumhardt: Christianity: Healing the sick: Pietistic circles exorcists such as Johann Christoph Blumhardt the Elder (–80) have appeared.

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He even made inroads into the separatist camp and they began to attend his services. He moved his family to Bad Boll, a complex of large buildings which had been developed as a spa around a sulfur water spring. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. His son Christoph carried on the work after him.

Late inBlumhardt prayed for her. Fill in your details below or click an icon blumharvt log in: Just shows how seemingly obscure happenings and people can end up having a big impact way beyond what anyone would have likely predicted at the time.

Christoph Blumhardt at his desk. In his view, blkmhardt must come down to earth. Johann Christoph Blumhardt 16 July — 25 February was a German Lutheran theologianbest known for his contribution in thought towards a kingdom-now or kingdom-come theology and his motto bluhardt centralization of Christianity around the idea that “Jesus is Blumhaardt. His own life changed when he reluctantly began to deal with a woman in his congregation who was oppressed by evil.

He would have as many as people staying there at a time. Finally, when he was told that not only could he not pray for people, but he could not give hope out of the scriptures, he felt he could no longer obey. Christoph, like his father, had trained as a pastor. Parents from another village came to Blumhardt because there son had an eye disease, and a doctor said his only hope was an operation. He could not marry until that was accomplished.


Miracles and healings began to occur. One of the important lessons that Blumhardt learned, was that when people confessed their sins, it was important for him to speak out forgiveness to them. Jesus challenging poverty, sin and misery on earth. His ministry in healing and deliverance made the way for many to follow.

Biography of Johann Cristoph Blumhardt

He was, by all accounts, controversial. Cancel reply Enter your comment here Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Rather he believed it was important that it be walked in openness with others.

Everywhere people were under conviction.

He saved as jhann as he could to send to his mother back home. Blumhardt died February 25, We felt the Lord’s nearness so tangibly that they seemed natural, and no one made a great deal of it.

The Controversial Kingdom: the ‘Natural Supernatural’ of Johann and Christoph Blumhardt

Blumhardt and his close friends began to cry out to God for wisdom to save this blumhardf woman. Revival broke out in his area after a wicked man asked to confess to him and pleaded for absolution. Blumhardt’s life after the exorcism was characterized by revivals and faith healings. His family was poor but teachers found him to be gifted and they encouraged his father to send him on to higher education. Making History Now The Christian “movers and shakers” from past centuries have a lot of relevant things to say to us today!


He also expressed his ideas in impressive and unconventional phrases. Blumhardt believed that the prophets and Jesus wanted a new world: He wanted Blumhardt to take his position in the small town of Mottlingento and become the area pastor.

Johann Blumhardt – Wikipedia

Despite this legacy, Blumhardt is relatively unknown. From Bible College onwards, he had had dealings with missionaries, doctors and exorcists, who had first hand experience of the power of the risen Christ to free those enslaved by evil. Notify me of new posts via email. A young woman exhibiting the classic symptoms of demonisation, as shown in the Gospels, was released after an intensive season of prayer, spiritual battle and exorcism. He saw how sin would grip people when it operated in secrecy, but vanished when exposed to the light.

Blumhardt believed salvation was not something that should be walked in alone.

The government and organized church looked upon this latest development with blumhsrdt and disgust. Blumhardt was accused of returning to Roman Catholic practices. Let your minds reach to the heights that we can already perceive on earth. In the Spring of Blumhardt took a parish in Iptengen.