Set during the Cultural Revolution, “Wolf Totem” describes the education of And, especially in its depictions of wolf hunts, Jiang Rong’s novel. Ursula K Le Guin goes hunting on the Mongolian plains with Jiang Rong and his Chinese bestseller Wolf Totem. Wolf Totem. Jiang Rong, Author, Howard Goldblatt, Translator, trans. from the Chinese by Howard Goldblatt. Penguin Press $ (p).

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Wolf Totem by Jiang Rong

miang Retrieved 3 February Dengan memperkenalkan diri sebagai Chen Zhen dalam buku ini, Jiang Rong mengupas tuntas misteri yang tersembunyi di Olonbulag dan bagaimana masyarakat Nomaden yang selalu berpindah tempat di alam liar tersebut bisa mempertahankan hidup rojg. I haven’t cried like that in a loooong time. The centerpiece was a swan lake. Then in the last two pages of the chapter everything turned around.

Please try again later. His decision in to accept a post in the remote region of East Ujimqin Banner in Inner Mongolia was spurred in large part by the fact that his library was less likely to be confiscated there. Even as Chen learns to fight the wolves that continuously threaten the sheep, cattle, and horses he has been entrusted to protect, he observes the vital presence of the wolves.

Di sinilah peran Serigala diperlukan. Tapi pada akhirnya yang dilakukan oleh para pendatang adalah mengubah padang rumput Olonbulag menjadi padang pasir. Read it Forward Read it first.


They immediately launch a campaign to exterminate the wolves, sending the balance that has been maintained with religious dedication for thousands of years into a spiral leading to extinction-first the wolves, then the Mongol culture, finally the land. View all 10 comments.

Wolf Totem

Trouble is brewing and sometimes it is better to take misery sooner rather than later. Buku ini terlalu indah untuk disebut autobiografi dan telalu nyata untuk dibilang fiksi, karena memang bukan fiksi semata, buku ini adalah kisah perjalanan anak Cina Han yang pergi menuju Olonbulag untuk mengemban pendidikan ulang.

Aku suka sekali dengan buku ini.

The set-pieces are painted with a broad brush. Their way of life is something completely alien to his experience. He has no answer.

No wonder the nomadic tribes regard the Hans as sheep. Any reader with too soft a heart towards animals will be probably be disturbed by some of these details, and by some of the scenes in the story. This is about a grassland, an ecosystem and a way of lif This is not easy reading. A courageous critic of the injustices of the Chinese government, Lu went on to edit the dissident journal Beijing Spring and was detained without trial for more than a year following his participation in the Tiananmen Square uprising.

This page was last edited on 7 Novemberat Three Daughters of Chinawhich goes into detail about an idiotic ruler’s ‘Cultural Revolution’, where they kill sparrows because Mao thought they were bad for crops.

Chen Zhen, and 2 or 3 like-minded friends in the student brigade, re This has been a reading experience unlike any other for me. Ada yang mengatakan nostalgia adalah rasa pedih yang mulia.


If the grassland dies, so will the cows and sheep and horses, as well as the wolves and the people, all the little lives. Wolf Totem is a Chinese semi-autobiographical novel about the experiences of a young student from Beijing who finds himself sent to ront countryside of Inner Mongolia inat the height of China ‘s Cultural Revolution.

Its popularity stemmed from this controversy. Were there tottem aspects of Wolf Totem that you, as a reader, especially enjoyed? It alternates between the idyllic and the hectic as the wolves attack and they have to fend them every time a sense of calm develops.

Everyone at all interested in ecology, Inner and Outer Mongolia and wolves. Dengan segala kecerdasan Serigala sebagai makhluk mistis, para penduduk belajar cara berperang, cara tohem, dan cara bertahan hidup dari Serigala.

Mereka percaya jiwa mereka akan diterbangkan oleh serigala menuju Tengger tuhan yang mereka sembah. Saya merasa, pesan inilah yang ingin disampaikan oleh Jiang Rong dalam novel Wolf Totem ini. Serigala dibunuhi dengan senapan dan racun karena mereka menyerang ternak.