What precisely is at stake in the relationship between “philosophy” and the adjective “political”? In Disagreement, Ranciere explores the apparent contradiction. Jacques Rancière opposes a type of politics that makes decisions on the we find at the beginning of Rancière’s great book, Disagreement, the is what is scandalous for political philosophy, critiqued heavily by Rancière. The Ignorant Citizen: Mouffe, Rancière, and the Subject of Democratic Education. Gert Biesta – – Studies in Philosophy and Education 30 (2)

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What precisely is at stake in the relationship between “philosophy” and the adjective ” “Is there any such thing as political philosophy?

Politics jacuqes be understood as the encounter between the logic of the state and the logic of the stage.

Disagreement: Politics and Philosophy by Jacques Rancière (5 star ratings)

Want to Read saving…. It is the measure of a relationship between a particular social group identifiable within the order of the police woman as a social category with the expected set of tasks to perform and roles to assume and the ability of its name to be appropriated by anyone, the ability of its name becoming the inscription of a wrong women as the subject of political struggle, as the name with which the declaration of a wrong takes place.

The Methodology of Political Theory. In other words, his concepts disagreemennt escape the orbit of reality often– not that this makes them irrelevant. Refresh and try again. According to Ranciere, the phrase also expresses the paradox of politics itself: Science Logic and Mathematics.


In Disagreement, Ranciere explores the apparent contradiction between these terms and reveals the uneasy meaning of their union in the phrase “political philosophy” — a juncture related to age-old attempts in philosophy to answer Plato’s devaluing of politics as a “democratic egalitarian” process. Politics in Its Nihilistic Age. On a very general level, he provides some interesting insights in conceptualizing the concept of the police as a sort of regimented array of the sensible that extends the concept into a very broad term.

Nathalie rated it it was amazing Dec 15, This schema, very simple in appearance, is actually the conjunction of three processes: If the political subjectivity can exist only insofar as the wrong exists, how can we avoid understanding the wrong as the cause of the subject and, consequently, turning the political subject into a victim?

Sara rated it liked it Jul 30, What is the proletariat? For if politics, which begins pholosophy a declaration of a wrong, only happens within the order of the police and if the order of the police is, by definition, the order of the non-existence of a wrong, then the wrong can not simply precede its declaration.

Disagreement: Politics and Philosophy

It happens through an enunciation that retroactively changes the conditions of its own possibility. Remains one of my contemporary favorites.

It does so, first, through the assumption of the existence of a wrong and, thus, through an axiomatic assumption of equality, and secondly, by ranciede a scene in which the existence of a wrong is verified and subjectivizedi. He has distanced himself from this kind of reading based on suspicion towards an approach that is more affirmative of the surface itself.


On the Shores of Politics. David Benbow rated it liked it Oct 05, Andrew Mason – – Cambridge University Press. There is no properly political content. On Pirates, Shorelines, dosagreement the Educational Commonwealth. Consequently, there also can be no privileged political class.

This book is not yet featured on Listopia. Lewis – – Educational Philosophy and Theory 44 8: Jay rated it liked it Dec poljtics, Michael rated it liked it Jun 21, Pedro rated it liked it Jan 13, The positing of a political subjectivity through the declaration of a wrong thus involves a kind of an anarchic, free gesture that authorizes itself through a retroactive presupposition of the existence of the conditions of its own possibility.

This game, Ranciere maintains, operates by a primary logic of “misunderstanding”.

On Jacques Rancière | Eurozine

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