Isagoge: history of logic: Transmission of Greek logic to the Latin West: and of Porphyry of Tyre’s Isagoge (“Introduction,” on Aristotle’s Categories), although. The Isagoge or “Introduction” to Aristotle’s Categories (text) was a the standard textbook on logic for more than a thousand years after his death. The Isagoge or Introduction by Porphyry is a commentary on Aristotle’s Categories, which became a key logical text of the Middle Ages, being.

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If in porphyru, are they physical things, or porphryy Wherefore, as four differences of genus with respect to the rest, are assumed, but three of difference, two of species, and one of property with regard to accident, there will be ten differences altogetherof which, four we have already demonstrated, viz.

For instance, I shall omit to speak about genera and species, as to whether they subsist in the nature of things or in mere conceptions only; whether also if subsistent, they are bodies or incorporeal, and whether they are isagkge from, or in, sensibles, 3 and subsist about these, 4 for such a treatise is most profound, and requires another more extensive investigation. Besides, it is necessary that genera should be presupposed, and when formed by specific differences, that they should consummate species, whence also genera are by nature prior.

No scholia, corrections written above the line. Genus however differs from accident, in that genus is prior, but accident posterior to species, for though an inseparable accident be assumed, yet that of which it is the accident is prior to the accident. In addition to the SententiaeOn Abstinence and To Gaurus porlhyry, there are quite a few fragments of other works bearing on his psychological views, preserved especially in Stobaeus, Nemesius, and St.

Porphyry, Introduction or Isagoge to the logical Categories of Aristotle. Isagoye meeting with him he turned into a follower of Plotinus, even if some of his Middle Platonist background shows through also in his post-Plotinian phase.

Porphyry (Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

Thus, Agamemnon is Atrides, Pelopides, Tantalides, and lastly, the son of Jupiter, yet in genealogies they refer generally to one origin, for instance, to Jupiter; but this is not the case in genera and species, since being is not the common genus of all things, nor, as Aristotle says, are all things of the same genus with respect to one summum genus.

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Still, let the first ten genera be arranged, as in the Categories, as ten first principles, and even if a person should call all things beings, yet he will call them, so he says, equivocally, but not synonymously, for if being were the one common genus of all things, all things would be synonymously styled beings, but the first principles being ten, the community is in name only, yet not in the definition also belonging to the name: The Isagoge begins on f.

Still, this signification appears to be most ready, 7 for they are called Heraclidae who derive their origin from the genus of Hercules, and Cecropidae who are from Cecrops; also their next of kin. The work includes the highly influential hierarchical classification of genera and species from substance in general down to individuals, known as the Tree of Porphyryand an introduction which mentions the problem of universals.

Moreover, genera exceed, from comprehending the species which are under them, but species exceed genera by their proper differences; besides, neither can species become most generic, nor genus most specific. Boethius’ translation of the work, in Latin, became a standard medieval textbook in European schools and universities. I am not sure what is meant by BarHebraeus’ “translation” mentioned on the website info, but I suspect that arose as a misunderstanding from a catalogue entry.

The four kinds of virtue are hierarchically ordered so that paradigmatic virtue comprises in some way all the rest paradigmatic virtues are the Platonic Forms, or paradigms, of the different virtues. On the other hand, even if e. It is common to genus and accident to be predicated, as we have said, of many things, whether they the accidents be separable or inseparable, for to be moved is predicated of many things, and blackness of crows, and of Ethiopians, and of certain inanimate things.

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Isagoge | work by Porphyry |

However, as mentioned above, Hadot made a case for identifying Porphyry as the author of the so-called Anonymous commentary on Plato’s Parmenides. He may have been Iamblichus’ teacher.

These too are results of Soul’s creative activity but are not intelligible entities. Property they divide in four ways: Wherefore specific differences will be such as produce another species, and which are assumed in explaining the very nature of a thing: The ms Florence Laur. Seems to be the manuscript used to ‘correct’ E by the third hand.

There are many Arabic commentaries on the work, listed by Wenrich. Besides, accidents primarily subsist about individuals, but genera and species are by nature prior to individual substances. Isagogf the most generic is predicated of all the genera, species, and individuals under it, but the genus which is prior to the most specific speciesis predicated of all the most specific species and individuals; but what is species isagobe of all the individuals of itbut the individual of one particular alone.


Copied from the Aldine printed edition.

I edizione Bompiani, Mutilated at the start. Boethius ‘ translation of the work, in Latin, became a standard medieval textbook in European schools and universities, setting the stage for medieval philosophical-theological developments of logic and the problem of universals.


Isagogr Isagoge is on ff. Now, the properties of each are these: Folios preface of Ammonius, Isagoge begins on f. As noted above, Porphyry distinguishes between the rational higher soul and the non-rational lower soul.

Genus also is similar to matter, but difference to form: Porphyry’s aim was modest, but he gave highly influential treatments of a number of perennial philosophical questions. Genus and species possess in common, as we have said, the being predicated of many things, but species must be taken as species only, and not as genus, if the same thing be both species and genus. Torn and damaged by damp. For when some persons ask what that is of which these are predicated, we reply, that it is genus; but we do not assign in answer differences and accidents, since they are not predicated of a subject, as to what a thing is, but rather as to what kind of a thing it is.

Now genus is such as “animal,” species as “man,” difference as ” rational,” property as ” risible,” accident as “white,” “black,” “to sit. Again, they give it in this way: Ad optimorum librorum fidem accurate Lipsiaepp. For Plotinus and Porphyry, there is a categorical gap between two realms, issgoge sensible and the intelligible. Porphyry accords certain rationality to the animals and in general emphasizes what they have in common with us humans.

Seems to be a copy of V, since marginal corrections in V appear on the line in the text. Excellent very clear marginalia.

On the one hand, Porphyry’s abstinence from eating animals is motivated by the goal, mentioned above, of freeing oneself from the body and the sensible realm as much as possible.

Porphyry’s interpretation of the Categories is, however, not free from ontological commitments.