most Azerbaijanis in Iran referred to themselves as Turks. .. 12 Zehtabi, Iran Turklerinin Eski Tarixi; Heyat, “Regression of Azeri Language.” 13 E.M. 3 M.T. Zehtabi, Iran Turklerinin Eski Tarixi. Ikinci chap (Tebriz: Artun, ). 4 Rahim Rayees-Nia, Azerbaijan dar Seir-e Tarikh-e Iran, 2 vols. (Tabriz: Nima. compared with more than 20 million Azeris in Iran. The two from northwestern Iran to the Caspian Sea in the east M.T. Zehtabi, Iran Turklerinin Eski Tarixi.

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The breakout of World War II brought about the conditions for various national, ethnic and anti-racist sentiments to explode. Forbidden Do you know that when I was born the very utterance of my first words was Forbidden?

The book was first published in exile inthen republished in Iran with some tariix inthe year of anti-monarchic revolution. A radio station was established. On 16 Februarythe National Assembly of Azerbaijan passed two important Bills regarding the land reform. Facing eskii mentionable resistance, the Shah’s army invaded Azerbaijan and savagely massacred its people see also Douglas ; JAMI Conclusion The second world war has left a lasting impact on the struggle of Iran’s various nations for self-determination.

The ADP encouraged women to take active part in socio-political life of the republic. Qiyam-e Sheykh Mohammad-e Khiyabani der Tabriz.

Long before I was born, an Azeri poet, Bulut Qarachorlu, had vividly depicted my location and my background: On 12 December,the Azerbaijani provinces declared their autonomy and formed the Azerbaijan Democratic Government. Among the important published works after the revolution, one could mention L.

They then issued a list of demands asking for autonomy similar to that of Azerbaijan and Kurdistan. On August 25,the Red Army invaded Azerbaijan, pushing the Pahlavi regime’s military out of Azerbaijani territory.


The Multiple Identities of Azerbaijan | Arastirmax – Scientific Publication Index

He was a year-old native of Azerbaijan who had spent most of his life in Baku and had returned to Iran after the Bolshevik Revolution. William Douglas, an American Jurist, who had chanced to be traveling in Azerbaijan shortly after the democratic movement, has summarized his observations thus: Nor did come into existence any democratic rule and institution.

As a direct result of the war, Iran was invaded by the Soviet and British turkerinin the Pahlavi regime’s oppressive military was curtailed, and Iran’s dictator, Reza Shah Pahlavi was deposed and forced to exile.

Txrixi surprisingly, the independent western scholarship could not escape the censorship placed on the movement by the Pahlavi regime. It issued a program that granted women the right to vote; it announced that the private property would be respected but that the government would distribute to the landless farmers the state-owned lands as well as the lands of reactionary landlords who had run away from Azerbaijan.

From my parents, grandparents, relatives, neighbors and others I heard about the executions, the burning of books, and the banning of my language, the language of my entire consciousness. Achievements of the Movement The Azerbaijan Democratic Government quickly proceeded to carry out its plans.

In Septembera puppet Qashqayi chief in the south led his Qashqayi tribes to capture a number of towns and villages. As a result, the speedy election of the new Majlis was vitally important for the Russians. This event illustrated the extent to which the Shah’s army was weak and defenseless in the face of a popular resistance on the part of Azerbaijani national army and people.

After the invasion of Azerbaijan, the Shah’s army marched into the neighboring Republic of Kurdistan. Lack of democracy coupled with unbearable lingual inequality and systemic discrimination against non-Persians came to play a very central role in the demise of Pahlavi dynasty in Iran. I also heard and learned about the struggle of our people for self-determination, for justice, equality, freedom and liberation.


While sending observers to the Azerbaijan parliament, the Kurds maintained their distinct identity and insisted on the independence of the Kurdish Republic. Response to outside threat relaxed the repressive conditions inside and provided favorable climate for oppressed nationalities and groups to assert their collective social, economic and political rights.

However, he made no serious attempt to restrict the activities of pro-German and pro-Nazi elements.

Afshar and others. A labor code was introduced which limited the work to eight hours a day, introduced minimum wages, forbade child labor, acknowledged trade unions, recognized 1st of May as a national holiday, and established the right of the workers to social benefits ADP, The oil concession had been granted to the Soviets on the condition that it be oran by the future Majlis. He made it clear that there would be “death but no return” to the colonial conditions Azerbaijan, Dec.

The Multiple Identities of Azerbaijan

Mass executions of participants, sympathizers, and those suspected of supporting the national movements were performed in public, followed by the burning of books, magazines and pamphlets published in ethnic languages. The British left southern Iran by the deadline; the Russians stayed in the north. Mir Jafar Pishevari, the future leader of Azerbaijan Democratic Party, was an experienced journalist publishing a paper called ‘Azhir’ in Tehran.