INTERLANGUAGE. Larry Selinker. Published Online: | DOI: https:// · total citations on Dimensions. Interlanguage theory is generally credited to Larry Selinker, an American professor of applied linguistics, whose article “Interlanguage”. An account of the development of research and thinking in the field of learner language. Draws on wide-ranging research into contrastive analysis, bilingualism.

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This page was last interlanuage on 10 Octoberat Functional approach to communication strategies: Volume 29 Issue 1 Janpp. Insights From First Language Processing.

Acquiring a Variable Structure: Volume 53 Issue 4 Novpp. For example, learners in a stressful situation such as a formal exam may produce fewer target-like forms than they would in a comfortable setting. The twenty-first century landscape of language learning strategies: An interlanguage is idiosyncratically sdlinker on the learners’ experiences with the L2. Predictive sentence processing in L2 and L1.


Passive and Unaccusative in the Jieyang Dialect of Chaozhou. The effect of audience age on measured written performance. Volume 4 Issue Janpp. Linguistic Development in Social Contexts: Volume 6 Issue Janpp. Volume 18 Issue Janpp. A quantitative analysis of Iranian EFL learners’ sources of written errors. Please help improve this article if you can.

Volume 21 Issue 1 Janpp.

Interlanguage – Wikipedia

Critical discourse analysis and hybrid texts: Intelligibility and world Englishes in the classroom. Learning English stranded prepositions through structural priming. Volume 9 Issue 2 Interalnguagepp. Volume 54 Issue 4 Novpp.

To employ or not to employ expatriate non-native speaker teachers: Volume 50 Issue 4 Octpp. Volume 34 Issue interlanhuage Janpp. Literacy background and reading development in a second language. A prescription for minimizing learner errors: Preemption and the Learning of L2 Grammars.

A snapshot of thirty-five years of instructed second language acquisition. Directionality in Translation Processes and Practices. Volume 8 Issue 4 Janpp.

Larry Selinker

The specific problem is: Language acquisition Language varieties and styles Sociolinguistics Speech error. Exploring muy and bien in Spain and Mexico.


Language contact in African urban settings: An interlanguage is an idiolect that has been developed by a learner of a second language or L2 which preserves some features of their first language or L1and can also overgeneralize some L2 writing and speaking rules. Old Occam whips out his razor”. Swlinker as vocalized fillers and self-repairs in English and French interlanguages. Perspectives on language proficiency and aspects of competence.