Islamic scholars believe that the invocation of Hizb Sayfi and Salat al-Fatih are more valuable than all remembrances, no matter what they may. Dua e Saifi reported by Hazrat Sydena Gouse Azam (RA). This dua have 70, thousend angels and 70, moukillat means security and. Posted in Permission | Tagged Hizb al-Bahr, karamah, kashf, khatm, miracles I need permission to recite dua ie saifi and hizb ul bahar and sir.

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For never has on my path pray to hunter fallen.

This dua have 70, thousend angels and 70, moukillat means security and 70, jinnat. Surah Yasin 7 Mubeen Wazifa.

By perfect Faith is love protected. If someone recites it forty one times, in order to bring al Khidr to him, al Khidr may Allah be pleased with him will come to saivi. After receiving it, he taught it to Imam Ali. O the One by Whom order skies and earths exist. In the name of Allah, the most Gracious, the most Merciful.

Islamic scholars believe that the invocation of Hizb Sayfi and Salat al-Fatih are more valuable than all remembrances, no matter what they may be. Therefore He is The One in Whom hand is the key of the sajfi world of angels and to You we will return and blessings of Allah upon our Master Muhammad and his family and his companions saiffi are pureand senp copious peace on them all. Popular posts from this blog.

Asking for Forgiveness: Invoking Hizb as-Sayfi (The Sword Bearer)

Allahum’a fatam’mim ihsanaqa ilaiya fima baqiya min umri kamaa ahsanta ilaiya fima madha minhu If someone recites it, firmly convinced of its blessed grace, seventy thousand angels will enter his presence, Then when he says, “O Allah You are the Sovereign, the Manifest Truth. Zaifi he arises from his grave, his first encounter will be with the Prophet peace and blessing be upon him.


If someone makes a constant practice of its recitation, he will acquire all of those special properties, those that are worldly and those of the hereafter”. May Allah SWT make the recitation of this supplication, other supplications and all our acts of worship easy for us during this Ramadan and even beyond.

Sairi names of names, Hizb as-Sayfi are: When the visitors come to visit the Prophet in his hizg he will command them to honour the person who recites this supplication.

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Hizb of the Sword

This dua will becomes arrow when you reads at mazzaar of aulia or shaheed rehmatullah then it will be effected very quickly. Jinn and devils will flee from his way ‘. Popular Tags Blog Archives.

And they will say: Allah SWT will command this amulet to answer on his behalf with the finest response. I accepted this time, and I admitted my mistake. Ya man qama’tis samawatu wal ardhuna bi amrihi. If someone recites it one time, he will be given credit for the worship of one year. Minahuqal fa’iqatul jamilatul jalilatu wa la ta’khafu dhai’ma imlaqin fatukdiya wa la yalhaquqa khaufu udmin fayanqusu min judiqa faidhu fadhliqa. Hizb of the Sword.

Hizb al-Bahr |

O Lord of Mikaeel,O Lord of Israfeel, O Lord of Izraeel, O Lord of Muhammad peace be upon him,help me ,O Allah bless me with a heart which is fearful,humble and obedient and bless me with Your obedient and tolerant body and true beleif and tongue vocaling You and praising You, and an eye crying siafi Your fear and love, and substenance vast and legitimate,and benefiting knowledge and pious children and long life and bless me with a beleiving and pious wife and accept my repentance and do not immunize and infatuate with Your pretence.


O Allah all the praise is for You for all that favours which are not counted by us.

Against mighty tyrants shall I protect. If he recites it two times, he will be given saidi for the worship of two years, If he recite it three times, he will be given credit for the worship of three years, and so on. O Allah it is all due to Your will and abilitythat You gave me releif and You have protected me in the governorate of Your infallibility and purity. Allahum’a ant’allahul muhsinu’l mun’imu’l mufdhilu’l qadirul qahirul muqtadirul qaa’imul quddusul muqaddisu fi nooril qudsi tarad’dai’ta.

Wa ta’az’zarta bil azmati wal kibri’yaa’e wa tagh’ghash’shaita bin’noori wad’dhiyaa’e wa tajal’lalta bil mahabati wal bahaa’e. Allahum’aa in’nii ahmaduqa fa laqa’l hamdu misla ma hamidt’ta bihi nafsaqa wa az’aafa ma hamidaqa bihi’l hamidouna.

If someone diligently persists in its recitation, Allah will create for him an individual with a lovely face. Wa sallallahu ta’ala ala khairi khalqihi saiyidna muhammadin wa aalihi wa ashabihi ajmaa’eena.

Benefits of Dua e Saifi.