Results 1 – 15 of 15 HistOria Da AmErica Latina, Volume I: AmErica Latina Colonial by Bethell, Leslie (ed.) and a LATINA. TOMO 2 América: Bethell, Leslie-. Historia de America Latina I (Spanish Edition) [Leslie Bethell] on Acton- decidió poner en marcha una Historia de América Latina de una amplitud y una ambición superiores a todo lo que hasta entonces. See all 2 images. Discurso inaugural de de la real academia de jurisprudencia y legislación. Madrid. Hernandez, S. M. (). Historia universal de américa. Tomo ii. En: leslie bethell (editora). Historia de américa latina. Tomo iii: américa latina colonial.

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Journal of Bioethical Inquiry 6: Ausgrabungen in Assos – XI.

Revolució haitiana

Indiana University Press, pp. Zahlreiche Reisen ins Ausland. Mestizaje y Patrones Matrimoniales, — The Catholic regime, together with the bureaucratic apparatus of the Spanish Crown, seemed to have succeeded in converting lay individuals into non-official inquisitors who lacked punitive powers but represented effective enforcers of Christian sexual morality. Towns for the indigenous populations were not an exception in this regard. Limited Editions Club, En feuilles sous emboitage: Dieses Blatt ist historix Druck sondern der originale Scherenschnitt, aufgezogen auf Papier.

Religious agents in the province of Costa Rica were knowledgeable not only of spiritual and theological matters, but also of their geographical surroundings. Antonio Annino y Marcela Ternavasio coords. Archivo General de Simancas.


In memorian Thierry Saignes Th. Beautifully matted, framed and glazed. Una descendiente de Atahualpa canta al mundo: Yma Sumac y los incas [Texto integral].

Bibliografia minera hispanoamericana Siglos XVI-XIX

Estampes religioses, gojos, auques, al-leluies. Adalbert Gregor Schmidt ]. Journal of Medical Humanities More recent projects have seen Johnson move successfully from illustrating to writing, in providing texts for Gaby Hansen’s illustrations in Are You Ready for Bed? La real Caja de Zacatecas, “, H. The above set of efficiency-concerned practices also comprised systematic advices to secular authorities on the same type of matters, either because the religious advisor was interested in the potential benefits for evangelization or because he was moved by material interests.

Abu Dhabi Shorebirds Project Johns Hopkins University Press. It is these techniques—inquisitional surveillance and community surveillance—rather than the above institution, that the paragraph below addresses. A fascinating collection of Reports mostly relating to the conservation of the Houbara Bustard Chlamydotis undulataand associated subjects.

Upper Peru and Boliviavol. Eine von den 8 eingebunden Lihtographien besteht aus 2 Motiven. Edizione originale di 75 es. The evidence suggests that a pervasive governmental emphasis was also placed over the sexual dimension of bodies. Scientific Relations and Exchangeseditado por S. Viuda de Fernando Correa Montenegro.

Bethell, Leslie (ed.). Historia De America Latina [Tomo 02] [1990]

The Franciscans in particular seemed concerned about efficiency-related matters, even before hsitoria colonization of the Americas.


It is likely that humbleness was not considered necessary in a comparatively smaller region that to some extent lacked the complex political and societal institutions that the Spanish conquistadores and evangelizers found in Central and Southern Mexico.

About the Beginning of the Hermeneutics of the Self: Some of those mechanisms have been discussed, indeed, through the disciplinarian lens e.

Constitucion Politica de la Republica de Costa Rica. Brown cloth with gilt title on spine. The Complete Historoa of Anthony Trollope.

Its main characteristic is a discursive and practical deployment of an other-worldly salvation as a strategic governmental teleology Foucaultpp. Kapitellplastik Konstantinopels vom 4.

La encomienda de tributo en el Valle Central de Costa Rica — Multiple, folded silkscreened paper in blue, unfolded approx. The geo-political expansionism of the Spanish Crown and explorers—traders in the colonization of the Americas cannot be understated Elliot El papel economico de las cofradias en el crepusculo de la Colonia y el ascenso de las sociedades mercantiles.

Regarding governed and governing agents, the religious technologies of government that are discussed below, were doubtless applied forcefully to an indigenous population whose size was significantly reduced over the centuries.