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They might not be able to fight, but unlike the Syrians they had at least something to mourn. Egypt having always been a highly centralised province, the shift was not from a citizen elite to provincial bureaucrats, but from Greek bureaucrats to a provincial elite.

Archived from the original on December 8, Had the Arabs chosen to stage their conquests at this point, they would still have found a local and an imperial culture coexisting side by side — as in fact they did in North Africa; conversely, had they postponed their conquests until the tenth century it is conceivable though not very likely that they would have found nothing but local literati faithfully reproducing the imperial culture — as in fact they did in Spam. Why should we expect non-Muslims to have possessed detailed accurate knowledge on Islam at this very early stage?

I see that the sons of man do not eat save according to the commandments of Ethan the Ezrahite’ lines 21— 5 ; for the reference to Ethan, see below, p. The Jews welcomed these new invaders though the Christians feared them as barbarians.

The Islamic tradition, of course, leaves us in no doubt that Mecca was the aboriginal Abrahamic sanctuary of the Ishma- Whence Islam? On the one hand, the Syrians did not on discovering ‘their new truth rediscover their old identity: In the long run this does much to account for the differentiation of orthodox Islam from Shi ‘ism: Whereas in Egypt Greek intellectual activities were overwhelmingly concentrated in Alex- andria, Syria had many such centres.

There are thus strong grounds for suspecting the anti-Arab interpretation of Num.

Secondly, there is the external evidence. There already existed a well-established tradition regarding the identity of the Kenite. And while it is perfecdy possible to mix or misuse the categories,’ it is not possible to maximise on the potentialities of both at the same time.


In the second place, Zoroastrianism conferred an unambiguous religious meaning on Aryan kingship. The only way out of the dilemma is thus to step outside the Islamic tradition altogether and start again. In the second place, the corollary of external ethnic distinctiveness was a commitment to internal social pervasiveness.

In the Hijaz itself, the evidence is highly unsatisfactory in that it derives almost entirely from the Islamic tradition.

At the same time the boldness of this solution rendered the religion of Abraham, with its timid espousal of the last prophet that Ishmael could legitimately share with Israel, conceptually otiose.

That the Hagarenes did in fact make this use of k is suggested by a curious feature of Meccan topography: This verse forms part of Balaam’s classic messianic prophecy, and corne By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Secondly, the primary source of this benevolent attitude hagrism the Kenites is their participation in the events of die first redemption. And for all their quietism, they retained a residual zealotism which even among the Imamis could in due course be activated by the menace cron infidel rule.

If in this one respect the barbarians were granted to have had insights denied to the Greeks, there was nothing to prevent a genuine syncretic interchange; and religious syncretism is of course one of the most striking features of Hellenistic civilisation.

This site uses cookies. Aug 29, Luis Dizon rated it it was amazing Shelves: Hence they are biased towards ideas that hagaris after the events described cf. Sadly, most hagwrism not know how to respond. You are commenting using your WordPress. The Hellenising priests and an urban elite were found all over the land, and pagan Syria thus accepted Greek culture as morally native: Ta’if presents one suspicious parallelism with Shechem in that both in contrast to Mecca are sanctuaries croen in famously green environments; 16 and it is the subject of one suspicious Islamic tradition, to the effect that it had once been a place in Palestine.

As noted above, no sober historian and scholar accepts this revisionist reconstruction and the thesis has been rightly dismissed and harshly ridiculed in the scholarly circles over the years.

Hagarism: The Making of the Islamic World

As Sutyane they were provincials, and as Sutyane they were also cut off from their province. Plato and Augustus might both possess a certain instrumental legitimacy as having contributed to the spread of Christianity in one way or another, but they could not become inherently Christian: Equally Coptic boorishness was hardly capable of providing the basis of a viably auto- nomous culture.


Very helpful, thank you. Pharaoh, John of Antioch inherited the city kings in the shape of insub- ordinate metropolitans. The weights on the scales tip too easily toward the hypercritical side, tending to distract from what might have been an excellent study in comparative religion.

On the one hand the Egyptian predilection for flaunting their native martyrs in the face of the outside world came to a head with the Meletian schism and the formation of the Church of the Martyrs, predominantly Coptic and Upper Egyptian in support, but ultimately doomed to failure. Consequendy the Nestorian church as such was constituted by its nobles: Seems like one needs to be an expert in her field to understand this work.

Reviews of Hagarism by Patricia Crone and Michael Cook | Islamic Studies

Mellon Professor from until her retirement in We have so far confined our attention to the messianic aspect of the con- quest of Palestine; but as might be expected, the sources provide indica- tions of a wider intimacy in the relations of Arabs and Jews at the time.

But thereafter the break was definitive. Here, in 22 The Samaritan caiques contrast to the deep south, the Hagarenes did not have to start from scratch — one reason why it was a good place to start.

The result was that Hellenistic monarchy could not be a national polity. Each presents the same binary structure of a sacred city closely associated with 3 nearby holy mountain, and in each case the fundamental rite is a pilgrimage from the city to the mountain.

This paperback edition will make the authors’ conclusions widely accessible to teachers and students of Middle Eastern and Islamic studies.

Zoroaster had not transcended the traditional polytheism of the Iranians, he had taken it apart and reformed it ; and both the masses and their gods had accordingly to take sides in the all-engulfing cosmic struggle.

Unfortunately, many unfamiliar with scholarship, such as the openly hostile anti-Muslim reviews below, are quick to promote Hagarism without realizing hagariism the authors themselves have dismissed its revisionist claims. Hawting and Dr M.

Two hagaris, of the Mosaic complex facilitated this alignment.