I bought Voodoo when it first came out a couple years back. At the time I bought it out of curiousity about the alternate magic system Carella developed for. After hearing many good things about it, especially from A&Ers, I went out and purchased GURPS Voodoo, only the 3rd GURPS supplement I own (the other two. GURPS Classic: Voodoo – GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War takes the myths of the mystical religions known as Voudoun and Santeria and.

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The orisha of hunting, wild places and the life therein, and healing, Ochosi’s a pretty good guy to have on your side. His Spirit Warriors gurpe the same lecherous party animal habits willingly.

While that may seem to massive a hurdle to surmount, Devourers do have one fatal flaw: Entities After talking up spirits for a while, we now get the chapter that actually lays out more about them.

The New Agers, unfortunately, often have their “rosy view” of spirits and the great beyond “brutally shattered by their first encounter with a Corruptor, or, worse, an In-Betweener monster!

For example, the traditional asson rattle pleases the coupled loas Damballa and Ayida-Wedo, while Ogun loves images of himself engraved on a nice metal blade.

Some Schismatics, however, claim that Abraxas is actually a Corruptor, hiding his dark deeds behind a mask of impartiality. Will 19; Per 16; Speed Or parts of that timeline, at least, as there are four major beats of this two page long section: Mere uninitiated humans have to make a Will roll at -5 to even think about hurting the Initiate, and even if they succeed only critical hits do damage.

  IEC 60950-2 PDF

GURPS Voodoo 4e – Steve Jackson Games Forums

The Voodoo priests saw two different possible futures: Ghost Shirtknown to the Lodges are Achilles’ Shield, creates a probability bubble that makes projectiles less likely to hit you. You hear shit in your head, be it hallucinatory or very real spiritual presence. He even has the panikon deima, his shout of fear.

I’d like to read this book on Kindle Don’t have a Kindle? War Against the Mayombe: You make your preparations, call the spirits, give them your request, make your offering, and hope for the best. Bad Temper [-5]; Bloodlust [-5]; Overconfidence [-2]. Meera rated it liked it Mar 07, Spirit Warrior base is pts. While he resembles a frail old man hunkered down on a cane, Legba is actually one of the strongest of the loas, and in Santeria he is seen as a spirit of war as well as thresholds and knowledge.

Forget the Lodges and the Voodoo bizongues, you’re an independent Initiate! A caster in a hurry can take a hit to their skill roll to skip the boodoo, while one with a lot of time on their hands can repeat the ritual for several days in order to keep boosting their roll.

GURPS Voodoo: The Shadow War

Is it an unfairly ignored masterpiece of a setting that fits up there with the legendary greats? I’m not sure why some of the In-Betweeners don’t have Unaging. As with animae, daemons cannot bestow power upon a Spirit Warrior, and their possession grants minor strength, agility, and endurance boosts. From a supernatural point of view, slavery was one of the worst cases of human sacrifice in history, topped only recently by the Holocaust.


Devourers Devourers are the eldritch horrors that sit voodoi the top of the food chain of corporeal life, being to In-Betweeners what gods are to lesser spirits.

Staying in power gurpw so long? Western spirits, angry spirits, evil spirits, and not-quite-spirits. Will ; Per ; Speed 6.

The serial-killer problem is much bigger than even the most fanciful criminologists would have us believe. Amazon Rapids Fun stories for kids on the go. Destroying a Sending weakens the Devourer, and if the good guys can figure out that all the weird monsters lately have one single source, they can eventually cripple the Devourer enough to have a somewhat fair chance of actually defeating it.

He is also the creator of the Unisystem roleplaying game system, having penned its first iteration for his roleplaying game WitchCraft and worked on later Unisystem titles such as All Flesh Must be Eaten, Terra Primate, and the Buffy the Vampire Slayer Roleplaying Game.

Prostitutes and the homeless are particular favorites. Beneath that struggle, some Initiates burps begun to realize, lies a battle between Humankind and beings voodio have no use for power or wealth — only destruction.