Two arms of British administration originated (Secretary of State of India, Viceroy and Governor General of India to look after the administration of India). A comprehensive web page on general knowledge related to British Governor Generals and Viceroys in India. Download the PDF list of Governor General & Viceroy of India. Prepare strongly for General Knowledge for SSC CGL, SSC CHSL & Railways.

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By Joining you agree Terms and Conditions Already have an account? Lord Wavell – Simla conference and Cabinet mission are associated with his period.

British Governor Generals and Viceroys

Opened first Telegraph line from Calcutta to Agar in The Jallianwala Bagh tragedy of occured during his period. Second World war took place in It also covers the important achievements and events that took place during their time.

Aiming for success in your Exam? The Governor-General was styled Excellency and enjoyed precedence over all other government officials in India.

Wikimedia Commons has media related indix Governors-General of India. Visit our Help Pages. The Lord Ellenborough — Sir John Lawrence, Bt — See all free Kindle reading apps. Lord Rippon – He introduced the dual system of governance. Nand Kumar was critic of Warren Hastings, indicted in false case and sentenced to death.

Henry Hardinge oc 7] — Product details Hardcover Publisher: India was divided into numerous provinceseach under the head of a governorLieutenant Governor or Chief Commissioner or Administrator. Mainly the table style. Montague Chelmsford reforms, Rowlatt Act, Khilafat movement are other events associated with his period. Thanks for sharing out your suggestion with us. Afterthe Governor-General now usually known as the Viceroy functioned as the chief administrator of India and generaps the Sovereign’s representative.

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The Viscount Mountbatten of Burma [nb 12] — From aroundthe Viceroy of India was allowed to fly a Union Flag augmented in the centre with the ‘Star viceroyz India’ surmounted by a Crown.

Charles Metcalfe, Bt acting — Partition of Bengal was cancelled and capital shifted from Calcutta to Delhi in Formation of Swaraj party. He played important role during the introduction of Permanent revenue settlement that is Zamindari system in Introduced Permanent Settlement of Bengal also called Zamindari system.

He could authorise the expenditure of money without the Legislature’s consent for “ecclesiastical, political [and] defense” purposes, and for any purpose during “emergencies. Many parts of the Indian subcontinent were governed by the East India Company, which nominally acted as the agent of the Mughal Emperor. Views Read Edit View history.

Learn the Basics and expected questions. You can register yourself as a Tutor with Eduncle! Fromto reflect the Governor-General’s new additional role as the Monarch’s representative in re the fealty relationships vis the princely states, the additional title of Viceroy was granted, such that the new office was entitled Viceroy and Governor-General of India. He codified the personal laws IPC and CrPC are codified personal laws and separation of revenue and civil administration.

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He was known as the Savior of Punjab. He also suppressed female infanticide and child sacrifice. Famine commission under the presidency of Richard Strachey appointed. He introduced the infamous ‘Doctrine of Lapse’.

Gandhi ji returned to India from South Africa in The Lord Hardinge of Penshurst — Civil Disobedience movement launched in The Indian Councils Act made several changes to the Council’s composition. Neither title was employed while the Sovereign was in India.

The first state to accept the Subsidiary Alliance was the State of Hyderabad.

Governor-General of India

While the Governor-General thus became the controller of foreign policy in India, he was not the explicit head of British India. Zamindars were given judicial powers; establishment of civil and criminal courts in each district.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Enter your mobile number or email address below and we’ll send you a link to download the free Kindle App. Opened first Railway line from Bombay to Thane in John Adam acting — He also carried out gradation of courts. This page was last edited on 29 Decemberat Headquarter of Bengal artillery was moved to Meerut.

The office was created inwith the title of Governor-General of the Presidency of Fort William.