Documentation. Spaces . Powered by a free Atlassian Confluence Open Source Project License granted to Evaluate. Welcome to the Sangoma Documentation site for all Sangoma Products. Feel free to browse our content and comment. If you would like to help contribute. We are going to walk through a simple and typical setup of FreePBX. It would be impossible to teach you through a single wiki how to configure.

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The modules are divided into several categories at the top of the GUI. When finished, click Save.

End-User Documentation – FreePBX OpenSource Project – Documentation

Code quality is very important when it comes to things such as security, maintainability. If you have expertise in this area and would like to help drive it, please contact us. In some cases, the tasks below can be performed using either by dialing phone system numeric codes called feature codes or by using special keys on your phone handset.

You can add a user from the landing page seen above. Below are instructions on creating or canceling both temporary and permanent overrides. You will need an alternate means of calling in an emergency. To undo your temporary override, either: This tells the system you do not want to include any time period within this particular day, week, month, etc.

This softkey allows a quick way to have a conference call with up to two other people. If configured, the “Pickup 1” softkey is used to pick up a call parked in frerpbx slot 1. Please see our System Recordings Module wiki for more information.

Click the Save Model button on the left side of the page when finished. Our plan is to create videos for all modules in FreePBX from a User training perspective and also some sales related videos that you can use to help sell FreePBX systems to your customers.


The settings will be applied. Please refer to the instructions earlier in this wiki.

FreePBX Distro First Steps After Installation – PBX Platforms – Documentation

Can’t find what you are looking for in the store, or freebpx some additional help with the ordering process? This includes creating original content whether it be How-To Guides, Module Documentation or other forms.

Later, you can link a user to the new extension manually by following the instructions below.

Paging allows you to dial a group of phones that will auto-answer in speakerphone mode. We may be able to help. If you want to develop for FreePBX a good way to start is to contact one of the active developers.

Configuring a Phone Using EndPoint Manager (EPM)

I encourage you to spend sometime on the wiki. The feature code reference list shows all the available phone system feature codes.

Check the following areas to verify or set the desired e-mail destination address of the phone system administrator who will receive the alerts:. There is additional configuration needed for some of the above components but the above is just the e-mail From and To configuration. Created by Tony Lewislast modified on 16 Nov You can also give a documentatiom user permission to view and manage other accounts.

Remember all code submissions through the bug tracker or through git require a CSA socumentation file. Phones that do not support auto-answer will ring instead of auto-answering.

If the Authorization Type is set to ‘usermanager’ in Advanced Settings, note that the Administrators module will not be providing full access control, and will only used as a failover, stop-gap until it is fully migrated to User Manager. Please see our Inbound Routes Module wiki for more information.

Please see our Ring Groups Module wiki for more information. This means transparent access to the project’s activities and a development community with access to the project that is not limited to a sponsoring organization. Please see our Conferences Module wiki for more information. It also includes editing existing documentation for correctness and completeness and helping to get the site into a more standardized and organized form.


If you are unable to find the city you are looking for, take a look at the list of rate centers to see if your city might be included under a different name. As the project has matured and stabilized, we are putting a lot more thought into the architecting frrepbx the FreePBX as it continues to evolve and mature into a world class product.

Depending on what you’ve enabled, UCP users can manage voicemail, make web-based calls, chat via SMS SIPStation customers only or XMPP, view call histories CDRlisten to recorded calls, participate in conference rooms, send and receive faxes, set up documentaiton, adjust the button layout of their phones, and more.

Without an account, you will not be able to submit tickets but you will still have access to all development tools and viewing privileges. There feepbx, however, some additional modules available that you may wish to purchase. These instructions will walk you through basic configuration, including setting an IP address, creating a phone template, setting up a line key, mapping the phone to an extension, installing firmware, and applying phone config files.

This example shows Digium phones. You can find out more about each of them here: This page will have links to any PDF guides or videos that we have created for each module.