7 jul. As fraturas do escafoide representam 60% a 70 % de todas as fraturas do de fratura do escafoide do que havia sido encontrada nos estudos. Foram diagnosticadas fratura de ossos do antebraço desviada e fraturas do olécrano, do escafoide e dos ramos isquiopúbicos sem desvios. A paciente foi. Exame de imagem demonstrando a fratura do Escafoide.

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Case 10 Case Case 17 Case Case gratura Case 6. The patient underwent a joint procedure with a cardiothoracic surgery team to remove the humeral head through thoracotomy and chest drainage; subsequently, a partial arthroplasty of the humerus was performed, with graft from the humeral head and fixation of forearm fractures.

The authors present the case of a patient female, aged 56 years, who was hit by motorcycle and thrown approximately 5 meters away. The bone profile is thought to look like a boat or skiff. rscafoide

If these repeat films are negative also, then MRI or bone scan if MRI is unavailable should be recommended if clinical suspicion persists 1. Shoulder fracture-dislocations are uncommon. Edit article Share article View revision history. A dedicated plain radiographic series investigating the scaphoid exists, consisting of four projections fraturx the scaphoid bone. You can also scroll through stacks with your mouse wheel or the keyboard arrow keys.

fratura escafoide gesso recipe

Case 3 Case 3. Her chest was drained due to pneumothorax and multiple fractures of ribs; she was diagnosed with fracture-dislocation in four parts, with intrathoracic dislocation of the humeral head.


CT also is useful in assessing bone union 8. If AVN develops the first sign will be slight sclerosis. Older patients falling in a similar manner are more likely to sustain a distal radial fracture usually a Colles fracture. Fscafoide Radiopaedia frathra see fewer ads. After three months, all fractures were healed with gradual functional improvement.

Scaphoid fracture | Radiology Reference Article |

The term scaphoid derives from the Greek word for boat. Fractures can occur essentially anywhere along the scaphoid, but distribution is not even Case 14 Case Occasionally stress fractures are also encountered although these are less common, and only usually seen in athletes e.

Carpal navicular fracture Scaphoid fractures Carpal navicular fractures Scaphoid bone fractures Scaphoid bone fracture Fracture of scaphoid bone Scaphoid fx. This can be on account of the rest of the wrist undergoing demineralisation due to immobilisation, whereas the proximal portion being bereft of blood supply retains its calcium.

The usual mechanism is falling on an outstretched hand with resultant hyper-extension of the wrist or purely compressive force 7. It is positionally different from the wrist series. Synonyms or Alternate Spellings: Nas demais fraturas, optou-se por tratamento conservador.

Fratura do escafoide – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

Case 9 Case 9. It is also useful in assessing for avascular necrosis. In addition to stating that a fracture is present, a number of features should be sought and commented upon:. Although bone scans are more sensitive than plain film, they are usually reserved for patients with ongoing pain escwfoide normal serial plain films 8, CT may be insensitive to trabecular injury 5.


Case 7 Case 7. Articles Cases Courses Quiz. CT is useful for staging scaphoid fractures if surgery is considered and when fractures of escafoidde carpus are extensive or complex.

Case 8 Case 8. She was rescued on site with thoracic, pelvic, and right upper limb trauma. Bone scans will be most sensitive days following the injury. Displaced forearm bones rratura was also diagnosed; the olecranon, scaphoid, and ischiopubic fractures were not displaced.

Loading Stack – 0 images remaining. Check for errors and try again. The patient remained in physiotherapy and orthopedic monitoring, having been discharged from the thoracic surgery; in a severe depressive episode, the patient committed suicide after 11 months of the trauma.

About Blog Go ad-free. With time the proximal part undergoes osteonecrosis, becomes increasingly sclerotic and can ‘implode’ and fragment with secondary osteoarthritic changes 9.

Case 12 Case Mayo classification of scaphoid fractures.