How to Use This Manual. Licensing v and FLEXlm versions through The FLEXnet Licensing Programming and Reference Guide is for. The Software was developed fully at private expense. All other use is prohibited. Book Name: FlexNet Publisher R3 () License Administration Guide. This manual explains FLEXlm for administrators and end users and describes The FLEXlm Programmers Guide and FLEXlm Reference Manual are for.

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How can I resolve this? Assume, for this illustration, that all three license servers have been started up, and that license server A has ptogrammers designated progrzmmers the leader server, and B and C as the follower servers.

However, it should be noted that alternative embodiments of the present invention are not limited to any particular maximum number of license servers. Indeed, the software development industry in most industrialized countries has shown substantial growth in recent years and is expected to show continued growth through the next decade.

How can I resolve this? Once this has been done and you know the port number, then you need to edit the FLEXlm license server’s license file to add this port.

FAQ Why can’t I paste text into the license dialog? With a commuter authorization, programmerss client library 52 can open the protected software program 50 multiple times, including multiple simultaneous instantiations. Accordingly, more sophisticated license management software has been developed for managing software licenses flexl computer networks, which do not require encryption of the protected software or special hardware devices in each authorized user’s computer.

In preferred embodiments of the present invention, each RLF 24 stored in each license server 14 is an exact copy of every other RLF 24 of license servers in the pool.

FLEXlm Programmers Guide

FAQ I am the Administrator of a node-locked group license. Thus, in the present example any changes to the distribution table of follower server C must be communicated to leader server A. In preferred embodiments of the present invention, commuter authorizations and network huide can be simultaneously received and managed.

In addition, the contents of the RLF 24 is loaded into a distribution table 36 in RAM or other memory, and the initial distribution 30 is further copied into another record, distinct from the license code 26identified as a current distribution A system for managing licenses for protected software on a communication network, the system comprising: A method as recited in claim 10the step of communicating a request for a commuter authorization to use the protected porgrammers further including the step of selecting the commuter authorization lifetime.


The increasing usage of computer networks has added to the problem.

If so, the server communicates an authorization message to the user and decrements a count of available licenses stored by the server. FAQ Can I allow previous versions to run on my upgrade license to allow extra time to upgrade the client installations? At that time, the check-in value 58 within both the client library 52 and license server 14 is set to indicate that the commuter authorization has been checked in.

As noted above, in preferred embodiments of the present invention the flexl server always has a global picture of the distribution of allocations in the whole server pool.

FAQ I have registered Origin. This updated version fleexlm a security update from flexera which fixes vulnerability CVE How do I get my Product Key? If you have named-user licenses, make sure any license server machines you use have available disk space While coupled to the communication network, a user of the client computer may request a commuter authorization to use the protected software. MIS Back in Control “, pp. It should be noted, however, that although embodiments of the present invention described herein include a pool or license servers 14in alternative embodiments only a single license server 14 is required for issuing commuter authorizations.

Foexlm alternative embodiments, however, the commuter authorization lifetime 56 can be progrmmers by the system administrator to any value less than the remaining time of the license, as limited by the overall expiration date of the license. FAQ-4 Why is there a watermark on my graphs? How do I fix this problem? A system as recited in claim 5wherein if the commuter authorization is not returned prior to an expiration of the commuter flsxlm lifetime, at the expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime: In preferred embodiments, this utility progrrammers enables the user to specify the license server 14 from which the commuter authorization will be requested, and the requested time duration of the commuter authorization.

This encrypted commuter authorization information is conveyed to the user of the remote client computer 12 through non-networked communications such as by telephone, e-mail, or the like.

Software application protection by way of a digital rights management DRM system. Borrowing is described in a related U. If the replying license server does not contain an programmerd license for the protected software program, the replying license server provides a message to the requesting client computer indicating that authorization to run the protected software program has not been granted.


In preferred embodiments, the client library 52 associated with the requested software program 50 first makes a local check to determine if the client library 52 has already received a commuter programmegs.

According to a preferred embodiment of the present invention, the plurality of license servers are managed in accordance with a server pool scheme, as controlled by a license management program associated with each license server computer and the shell program or library of API functions associated proogrammers each copy of the protected software program.

3.1 FLEXnet Server Setup for Windows

As illustrated in FIG. FAQ When I try to get a license, why do I see a message telling me the license has been upgraded and that licenses for previous versions are no longer available? The network administrator then runs a utility 62 on any of the license servers 14 in the server pool that effectively sends a request for a commuter authorization to the targeted license server When a user starts to run the protected software program, the shell code or library of API functions provided with the program communicates a request to use a license to the license server, over the network.

PC Week, ” Strength in Numbers “, vol. In preferred embodiments of the present invention, when the license servers 14 in the server pool are started up, one of the license servers is designated as a leader server.

A method as recited in claim 12wherein if the commuter authorization is not returned prior to an expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime, at the expiration of the commuter authorization lifetime the method further includes the steps of: The license server stores and manages software licenses for the network users, in accordance with a license management program stored on the server.

You have an expiring package and the expiration date has been reached The License Information dialog will provide a message stating that the FLEXnet server license has expired. Implementing privilege on microprocessor systems for use in software asset protection. However, in alternative embodiments the IP addresses may be stored in a record associated with the license codes How do I do this?

Can Prorgammers do this?