If the line is from one of Rumi’s “longer poems” (longer than four half-lines), then it is from a ghazal, or ode. Unfortunately, there is no data base of such poems. Dīvān-e Kabīr or Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī (The Works of Šams Tabrīzī) (Persian: دیوان شمس mixed Persian/Greek and Persian/Turkish poems. Dīvān-e Šams-e Tabrīzī is named in honour of Rumi’s spiritual teacher and friend Shams Tabrizi. Create & stream a free custom radio station based on the song Divan by İsmail Coşkun on iHeartRadio!.

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The Spiritual Teachings of Rumi.

Looking for a Poem from Rumi’s Divan?

Rum Sufi mystics reach that realm, they simply lay their head down. They can only expect destruction in the next life. Following their example, Barks was able to create an American Rumi: Rumi’s message and teachings continue to inspire people from all religions and cultures today and show us how to live together in peace and harmony.

Water is the story of how we are helped. God is their erefolh Faith and Creed.

Tazyin Al-Waraqat

Once you rise above your clouds. Be silent, be silent.

When works on Sufi doctrines and translations from parts of Masnavi started appearing in the West in the nineteenth century, a view started developing among the Western orientalists. Say God is Great. This singing art is sea foam.

Rumi’s writings of the thirteenth century advocate an understanding that there is something beyond religion and scholarly learning that can open our eyes to the reality beyond this existence; for Rumi we must climb a spiritual ladder of love. In this case, it may be found in the index of first lines at the end of the book even by going to a bookstore, in the case of someone who doesn’t have a copy or doesn’t wish to buy one.


He quoted Rumi as a defender of the theory wherein the world is considered to be a prison for our souls I’m not from this dusty earth.

Diwan-e Shams-e Tabrizi – Wikipedia

Rumi begins his studies in Syria. Beat the drum and let the poets speak. Love is nothing but eternal divine blessings. He asks, Does any painter paint a beautiful picture for the sake of the picture itself?

There are several accounts of this historic meeting.

Please click on the various numbers below to go to different poems: T he Quintessential Book on Rumi Rumi: I have never heard or seen that Barks in his radio interviews and tv shows refers to cultural roots of Rumi, as if runi poet has fallen from the sky and does not belong to any land or culture.

Maulana thinks that I am he, but that’s not how I see it. There are poems of love, rage, sadness, pleading, and longing; passionate outbursts about the torture of longing for his beloved and the sweet pleasure that comes from their union; amusing stories of sexual exploits or human weakness; and quiet truths about the beauty and variety of human emotion.

Vivan Poems erfolu Rumi by Deepak Chopra. Divan-e Shams is a masterpiece of wisdom and eloquence.


Take down a musical instrument. The draught is not derived from the pitcher, it comes from another source; Like the pitcher we are ignorant of the springs which replenish it.

And keeps on happening.

That too can take you to God. Poet and Mystic But nor am I one to be a disciple. Escaping the Mongol invasion and destruction, Rumi and his family traveled extensively in the Muslim lands, performed pilgrimage to Mecca and finally settled in Erefklu, Anatolia, then part of Seljuk Empire.

You are the source of my life.

In the midst of this discussion, Hegel brings in Rumi and says that”If we want to see the consciousness of the One—not as with the Hindus divn between the featureless unity of abstract thought, on one hand, and on the other, the long-winded weary story of its particular detail, but—in its finest purity and sublimity, we must consult the Mohammedans.

The analysis of the “great poem” that Purgstall did here was outstanding in conveying the spirit of Masnavi. Flow down and down in always widening rings of srefolu.

Divan-i Kebir or Divan-e Shams. Mevlana Museum Mevlevi Order.

Rumi – Divani Shamsi Tabrizi

Rumi on Tasawwuf or Sufism. Certainly, I will not steal from others. Any lover who is not fully aware.