Canan, Fatih; Karaca, Servet; Düzgün, Melike; Erdem, Ayşe Merve; Karaçaylı, Esranur; Topan .. Ethnic Classroom Composition and Turkish-Origin and German Students’ Reading . Teachers of Turkish Grammar in the Eyes of High School Students in the Programme for International Student Assessment ( PISA) exam. German Translation of the Onomatopoeia Words in The Book Of Dede Korkut .. Nahit Erdem Köker, Ege University Exam”/Lise Öğrencilerinin “Üniversite Sınavı” Kavramına İlişkin Metaforik Algıları .. Feyzan Karabulut, Aksaray University questions about teachers’ thoughts about the lack of a teacher’s guide book. Apr 17, First stage is the Higher Education Entrance Exam (YGS). author under the supervision of assistant professor H. Suphi Erdem . 17 indicates the current obsessive compulsive pathology (Karabulut Friedell suggests that Protagoras is “the founder of scientific grammar in virtue of his research on the.

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This exercise demonstrated the applicability of a reliability physics model supplemented with a. A Proof Theory for Description Logics. However, the quality of performance is highly operator-dependent. The data were gathered by administering the Rosenberg…. The aim of this karwbulut is to determine the association between neck circumference and central obesity in young Turkish male and female university students. During this study two odour sampling programs were performed snac two consultants at different times, but under the same process conditions.

The aim of this study was to determine the reliability and validity of an assessment tool designed to measure surgical rehbdri in Lichtenstein hernia repair. German students ‘ sense of belonging was not related to the ethnic classroom composition. This study aimed to examine eating attitudes and physical activity level of young women and men university students with regard to social physique anxiety level.

If the principal concern is determination of the primary risk factors contributing to the potential human error, a more detailed analysis method may be employed. Human Rights Attitude Scale: It will start with a general discussion of reliability estimation. Bullying among Turkish High School Students. Digital Functions and Data Reconstruction. Karabulur current study was conducted to examine parental snab and perceived parental attitudes about sexuality with respect to gender among Turkish college students.



The purpose of this study is to examine the predictive role of self-compassion on psychological entitlement. Business Process Model and Notation. Methods The aim of this study was to assess the performance and measurement uncertainty of body and brain temperature sensors currently in use in neurocritical care. Context is a characterization of the performance challenges to task success.

Historical Significance from Turkish Students ‘ Perspective.

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The main purpose of this study is to examine the mediator and moderator role of positive and negative affectivity variables on the relationship between optimism and life satisfaction in university students.

Theoretical and Practical Issues.

Critical Infrastructure Protection V. This study investigated the extent of cyberbullying and victimisation among Turkish university students at a state college of education. Mathematics and Computation in Music.

The empirical findings can be divided into two categories.

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Many of these standards are globally accepted and recognized. Turkish university students ‘ knowledge of biotechnology and attitudes toward biotechnological applications. Routing for Wireless Multi-Hop Networks. This preliminary estimate karabulyt used to determine which placeholder needs a more detailed assessment. In general, reliability growth results in superlinear growth in test time requirements, exponential growth in cost, and sublinear benefits in terms of logistics mass saved.

This paper presents the findings of a study designed to explore qualification users’ perceptions and experiences of reliability in the context of national assessment outcomes in England. The midwifery students ‘ attitudes were more positive than were those of the nursing students. Proportional biases were identified for almost all variables.

For the snavv in the research students ,…. Security and Cryptography for Networks. The aim of this study was to investigate the relationship of Internet addiction IA risk with the severity of borderline personality features, childhood traumas, dissociative experiences, depression and anxiety symptoms among Turkish university students.


This study aimed to investigate the relationship between income level of Turkish university students studying at an English language teaching department and test anxiety levels as well as worry and emotionality components of test anxiety.

E-Book Computer Science

This paper draws on a part of the doctoral research study that investigates the potential impacts of Internet cafe use on Turkish college students ‘ social capital. These findings indicate that the Melbourne Assessment of Unilateral Upper Limb Function is a reliable tool for measuring the quality of unilateral upper-limb movement in children with CP. Rapid Serial Visual Presentation.

Which methodology to use would be based on a variety of factors that would include: This study assessed the communication skills of the students studying in physical education and sports schools in various universities in Turkey.

The data taxonomy uses a macrocognitive functions model for the framework. Mathematical Modeling and Computational Science.

Digital Information Processing and Communications. The MA2 showed excellent subscale and moderate to almost perfect score item reliability. Results A total of university students were included in this study. Voice over IP Security. Agents for Educational Games and Simulations. Ioannis Tomkos, Christos J. Robotized Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation.

The outlined reliability assessment approach provides guidelines to improve the design and identifies governing variables to achieve high reliability in the Stirling Radioisotope Generator design. The tested cells demonstrated equal effectiveness for detection of rehbegi genotoxicity induced by the SPL and its chemical components, aluminum and ssnav.

The data are expected to be useful for analyzing the relations between context, error modes and error causes in human performance.