1 Introduction. This Quick Reference Guide is provided to assist you in completing the Questionnaire for. National Security Positions Standard Form 86 ( SF 86). National Security Positions (SF) on-line via the electronic Questionnaires for completing the SF to prevent any unnecessary delays in the processing of. The Standard Form (SF) 86, SF86, Form SF Security Clearance, SBI, special background investigation. SCI – special compartmented.

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All other foreign family members will need to be listed in section PDF file, contact the service center for guidanceOption 3.

An incident report must be submitted even if the passport is returned at the time of the individual’s employment termination. I have submitted a previous SF86 form in the past but now the questions are different.

For example, towards the end are Yes and No questions about drug use etc. Disposition Influences Personnel Clearance Eligibility: September Learn how and when to remove this template message. If you need to s86 corrections, please contact us at If you are entering the city of s8f6 as “unknown” and it is not working, attempt to register with your actually city of birth.

e-QIP – Wikipedia

The selective service number is your verification you xf86 registered for service in the armed forces in case of national emergency. From what I recall you can update it for the next 30 days deadline OR until you submit it, once it’s submitted that’s it.


Why am I unable to go back to previous sections in the e-QIP and make corrections when I have not submitted it yet? This area will allow those that have clearances offer advice and suggestions to those inquiring about clearances or upgrading their clearances.

Back To Top Does having a foreign passport automatically disqualify me from having a clearance? An individual cannot apply for a security clearance. Include former spouse’s full name, place and date of birth, citizenship information, date and location married, date and location of divorce, location record is held and last known of address of spouse even if last known address is many years old.

If you are outside of the Northrop Grumman network and attempt to send a. A security clearance is a status granted to individuals allowing them access to classified information.

Views Read Edit View history. In Marcha breach of security for the e-QIP system was detected. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Press reports in July of that year attributed the exploit to “Chinese Hackers”, James Clapper later confirmed this suspicion. The process of submitting follows these steps: You will not need to eauip in your signature forms because you will receive new signature forms after you made your changes.

e-QIP Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely take the time to fill it out accurately qeuip if it means taking a couple of days. I want to know if I can save info I have put in if i need to come to a stopping point so I can continue on when I can resume filling out the form. Login to the e-QIP site again and verify this step was completed.


You can also access the drop-down menu in the top middle of the e-QIP site and navigate directly to the section “SF86 Additional Comments. Powered by YAF 2. Any information you are not able to obtain, you will need zf86 make a detailed explanation why you were unable to obtain the information.

Will I lose any of my data if I have previously logged in using my Golden Questions, but now creating and logging in with a Username and Password?

If you do not meet one of the listed exemptions, you can get additional information at http: My question is can I create my account and start inputting information and save it? You may not need to complete an SF86 if one was completed in the past 2 years. Back To Top My SF86 was sent back for corrections on certain sections, but when I validated the form it gave me a lot of errors. Press reports suggest the information was retrieved using stolen credentials of an employee of KeyPoint Government Solutionsa privately owned provider of background check services for the government.

Security Clearance

The signature forms will not be attached. And, what are the different levels? Yes, all foreign travel taken with Northrop Grumman will need to have an entry. Thursday, May 08, 9: