View HADID Mohamed Djamel’s profile on LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional community. HADID has 1 job listed on their profile. See the complete profile. Coordinates: 34°51′N 5°44′E / °N °E / ; Biskra); Latin Vescera) is .. Today, the city of Biskra is made up of 28 neighborhoods including 3 main ones which are, Korra, City 60 Logts ENICAB and Equipment Zones. Zone Industrielle de Biskra BP RP, Biskra , Algeria.

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She is nicknamed “The Queen of ennicab Zibans”, “The door of the desert” or “The Saharan Nice” because of its location which is the beginning of the desert.

There are also amphibians like the Frog, reptiles like the Horned Viper or the Egyptian cobra The struggles and fights continued for 7 months without stopping.

InBiskra became a French garrison. The columns entered the gardens, delimited by small walls, which surrounded the Ksours in the oases and formed an inextricable maze. In Algeria have set themselves at the limit of Aures for the dish to which they are accustomed, have posed problems to the Roman infiltration in the 3rd century BCE because dreaded in combat and good horsemen.

The sunrise is around 7: Aside from rainfall, sandstorms occur several times a month, which can make visibility almost zero. Thus, the opposition and the refusal of the rebels continued until the war of Zaatcha 20 kilometers west of Biskra in In the early 10th century, Biskra and the entire Ziban area were conquered by the kings of Beni Hammad.

The weakness of the Vandals and lure falls in front of the resistance and the continuous fights of the inhabitants, forced them to integrate with the inhabitants of the Ziban in a complete way.

Indeed, after the invasion of the city of Biskra inand due to its protective geographical nature, the French army, built a secure area in its agglomeration to oppose the popular resistance of the inhabitants.

Other versions confirm that the current nomination “Biskra” was given by the Carthaginians. In other projects Wikimedia Commons. He composed many pieces influenced by his experience there.

This coalition, formed by the North African tribes, left the south-west of Algeria, biakra its force en route wherever it passed in North Africa. Retrieved from ” https: Apart from the mountains that surround it, the topography of Biskra is generally very flat. Small water points can be found in the outskirts of Biskra, especially in the oases and canyons of the mountains around El Kantara. But the progress of the liberation movement of El-hadj Mohammed Esaghire Elokbi, the successor or “caliphate” of El-Emir Abdelkader who went to General Lamoriciere on 23 Decemberdestroyed his armor and returned to biskrra war of two fronts, the first against the Ben Ghana family and the French forces and the second enivab against the pillaging and embezzlement of Ahmed Bey and his monarchy in Constantine.


Entreprise des Industries du Câble Biskra,Spa

Many say its name comes down from the name Vescera, which means “station” or “place” of commercial exchange, seen at its geographical location that biskrq north to south. Until the appearance eincab agriculture, where the activity of its inhabitants has changed.

Diana Mayo, protagonist bislra Edith Maude Hull’s popular novel The Sheikstarts her journey into the desert from Biskra, and in the identically-named silent movie The Sheik starring Rudolph Valentino in perhaps his most famous role. Media related to Biskra at Wikimedia Commons.

In the end the post colonial phase characterized by the proliferation of self-built no plan to urban and architectural quality at least and without model, where typological reference, which has only to be curbed, after the instruction of the laws intervention and control of the state, over the urban space, by launching large Housing development operations in the framework of ZUNH, in the form of housing communal collective or subdivision which, despite this, has not been able to bismra the demand for housing, bringing the state to promulgation, other laws havingobjective, improving urban quality, openness and diversification stakeholders.

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Secondly, the city was marked by the colonial phase characterized by the building of fort saint germain on the northern part, and the construction of a city the colonial checkerboard by an urban model, different from the previous one, and having undergone several extension, particularly the 1st and 2nd and the Dervau Plan, followed during the 50s, by popular extensions to the South at the expense of the palm grove and without dimensional and formal logic.

Biskra passage of different peoples and civilizations in this region, a city, the style and look of the original and vital. All those factors targeted the permanent survival of the institutions and its continuity. Consequently, the training is a crucial method in realizing this goal. The coalition led by Sheshonq Berber name: Inthe conquest of the city by the Turks began, under the direction of Hocine Agha who defended the city of Algiers at the time and brought out the strength of Charles Compte of the latter.


By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Always while traversing the desert, arrived until Tassili with the Touaregs where they stayed a long time, got mixed up with the Touaregs and learned the Tamazigh language for reasons of communication, cultural and commercial exchanges.

Specialists of the desert life, first settled on the edge of the Nile but the Pharaohs hunted them in the sixth century BCE. On the summits of the great mountain ranges of El-Kantarathe signs of the deserts and the Sahara begin, the grains of golden sand, the clear blue sky and the green oases scattered along the straight and winding roads.

Carbuccia, the French Colonel withdrew. The development of the systems of the international trade, the systems of technology and the information and communication have led the institutions to live among an open global context characterized by deep and rapid changes. The failure was serious, the moral effect disastrous.

From left to right, and from top to bottom: It remains, undoubtedly, an eternal cradle for civilizations, and a center of cultural influence. The passage of different peoples and civilizations on this region, the city of Biskra, has appropriated a style and a look original and alive.

The Muslim historian and philosopher Ibn Khaldoun who passed to rest in Biskra in where he wrote a lot about the descendants of the city and the whole region.

The city has long and extremely hot summers and short, pleasantly warm winters. The Vandals “Oundals” invaded the city of Biskra and occupied all its land after a language resistance of its inhabitants. Biskra Location in Algeria. He sent a biskrra card from Biskra on 11 April Biskra is located in the north-east of Algeriain the district of Biskra.