Eleven Hours [Paullina Simons] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. After being abducted from a shopping mall in Dallas, young and very. Eleven Hours Book Description: Didi Wood is nine months pregnant, doing some last-minute shopping before the baby is born. Stepping out. Rights Sales: “Eleven Hours,” an Alternate Selection of the Literary Guild, the Women’s Suspense Fiction: With her third thrilling novel, Paullina Simons has.

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Security took him to the pretzel place and asked to see the worker that was working at the time on the receipt.

Paullina also does not yb any means romanticise the situation or the kidnapper as some writters tend to do and I appreciated this for the truth of the situation. Highly recommended, quick effective reading, which I really enjoyed for a couple of days. Whispering Gums Books, reading and anything else that comes to mind Reading, Writing and Riesling.

Not until the end. Kept me turning pages right to the end.

Book Review: Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons

Customers who bought this item also bought. I houds finished it 5 minutes ago and I already struggle to remember what this book was all about. I was hoping there might be a fascinating twist at the end and whilst the motivation of the kidnapper was explained, it was not that fascinating and couldn’t redeem the story in a meaningful way.

It was hard because I felt such anger and frustration towards Didi’s kidnapper, but then towards the eldven of the book I was crying for him and felt so sad. Everything there is to like is here, as nine month pregnant Didi is enjoying the air con in the dead of summer, minding her own business and filling in time till she meets up with her loving husband, Rich, for lunch. Where the love of a good cup of coffee is beaten only by the love of a good book Jan 26, Skyring rated it it was ok.


I guess in a sense a suspense novel is always this predictable, the “bad guy” was written all over the place as if the author herself couln’t completely decide what she thought of him or what made him tick.

It’s not good for the baby. Martin’spp ISBN: What Cathy Read Next It’s a good book and so easy to read, and fast. The suspense was killing.

Martin’s Press first published Didi and the kidnapper were entirely credible. I read it as quickly as I possibly could. Hous many ways this read like a book I’d read before – no surprises and not much suspense for a book about a kidnapping. Wow…this got my heart racing.

Eleven Hours – Wikipedia

I’ll end on a positive though. Paullina never fails to create strong characters and I really enjoyed this book. Didi held onto the bags as she and the man stared at each other. Ok so he sells religious books and is damn rich from it so she has this very strong faith and her conversations with her abductor and thoughts are full of that but then they also say things like “karma” and sort of mix their faiths a fair bit in anachronistic ways.


Jim Rushton The Salon essayist: They took off on the highway at a really fast speed. The sun beats down on the parking lot of a Texas shopping mall.

The heat index was up to and he was wearing a jacket over his white shirt. There ekeven time stamps at the beginning of each chapter, so hourz reader can keep track of how much time is passing. She decided to go to a nearby shopping centre where it was air conditioned — it was a crushingly hot day — she needed to get some wooden blocks for her daughter Amanda; a few other bits and pieces.

Eleven Hours by Paullina Simons

Highlights were definitely the Didi and kidnapper parts, well written and credible. To steady herself, she leaned against the minivan. The story is strong I think because of the bravery of the subject. I really liked this book. Neither the magic nor the suspense ever dims. Lauren Keegan Writer Writer and Psychologist. Didi Woods, at eight months pregnant, was shopping at the mall and this guy as she was walking to her car asked if she needed help with her bags.

Sam Still Reading Read whatever, whenever, however. The Never Ending Bookshelf Where dreams are just a bookshelf away Flamingo- Kidnapping – pages.