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Define electrocardiogram ECG The electrocardiogram is a graphic recording or display of the time variant voltage display produced by myocardium during cardiac cycle. Following the absolute refractory period there is a brief period of time during which another action potential can be triggered but a much stronger stimulation is required. Discuss about Electronids electrode. Artificial respiration should be applied to the patient, whenever respiration is suspended due to reasons like gas poisoning, electric shock etc.

Which of these effects is being minimized by hearing aid. The residual volume is the volume of gas remaining in the lungs at the end of a maximal expiration.

External stimulation and internal stimulation.

Draw typical ECG bankk. Here the image is built up by using an electron probe of very small diameter which scans the specimen surface in parallel straight lines as does a television camera. Environmental science and engineering Two Marks Wi Define e xcitory post synaptic potential EPSP. What is medical thermography? A bronchospirometer is a dual Spirometer that measures the volumes and capacities of each lung individually.

Patient is not exposed to X-rays during examination of the X-ray image. Draw an action potential waveform and label the amplitude and give the time scale for nerve cells and heart muscle.

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EC2021 Medical Electronics MJ2014 Question Paper

The hydrogen electrode is also called a reference electrode. The brain consists of three parts, such as cerebrum, cerebellum qustion the brain stem. They are divided into metallic and non-metallic electrodes.

Accuracy, frequency response, hysteresis, isolation, linearity, sensitivity, signal- to- noise ratio, simplicity, stability and qjestion. Give any two medical applications of the same. Isolation amplifiers are used as pre-amplifiers. Optical Communication and Networks Question Bank So that the receptor neuron is more likely to discharge and produces a spike potential.

EC Medical Electronics MJ Question Paper | Knowledge Adda

Where is the Menu? Half cell potential is defined as the voltage developed at an electrode- electrolyte interface.

The fibres may then respond to normal physicological pace making pulses. Define early receptor potential. The transmittance is defined as the ratio of transmitted light intensity to the incident light intensity. The principle fluid medium of the cell is water. Colorimeters can be in the filter photometer or spectrophotometer. A cell is the basic living unit of the body. There are five sense organs of the body.

The phenomenon of application of an electrical shock to resynchronize the heart is known as counter shock. How the Mdical can be recorded? For what purpose line driving amplifier is used? For what purpose colorimeters and photometers are used? Heart sounds are acoustic phenomena resulting from the vibrations of cardiac structures. The composition of mediczl serum is determined by specialized chemical techniques.


When the hemoglobin in the blood decreases, anemia is produced. The SEN is recently developed electron microscope. It requires open chest minor surgery to place the circuit.

mediccal Based on the placement of the pacemaker, there are two types as external pacemaker and internal pacemaker. The tumor displaces, the cortex, and if it is large enough, the electrical activity will be absent in that part of hemisphere, since no electric potentials originate in the tumor itself. The other name for asynchronous pacing is competitive pacing. If the transmitter substance is excitatory, the receptor membrane potential increases in a positive direction.


Electrodes are devices which are employed to pick up the electrical signals of the body. Immediately the image can be seen and abnk can be finished within short time.

Tech Degree Examination November December What is the need for ventilator? A physiological response to a current applied to the surface of the heart that results in unnecessary stimulation like muscle contractions or tissue injury is called as microshock. Using implanted electromagnetic fine probe on the arota, we can find the cardiac output per minute directly by multiplying the stroke volume with the heart beat rate per minute.

Give the range of nerve conduction speed.