Language Teaching: A Scheme for Teacher Education Editors: C N Candlin and H G Widdowson Syllabus Design David Nunan Oxford University Press David Nunan is a greatly respected author in EFL circles, and it was with some suprise that I hit his “Syllabus Design” like a brick wall. Unlike some of his other. Syllabus Design has 77 ratings and 3 reviews. Andreas said: My weapon when I was in charged as Head of Research and Development at Centre for Language.

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Trina desihn it liked it Feb 22, For a more comprehensive and contemporary treatment of speaking and listening, refer to Bygate: They can refer to cognitive and affective aspects of the learner’s development, what the teacher hopes to achieve in the classroom, what the teacher hopes the leaners will achieve in the classroom, the real-world communicative tasks the leaners should be able to perform as a result of instruction, and so on.

Student B Participant Twenty-year-old Venezuelan male. She is driving a car Lesson n reintroduces existential there: Here, we shall look at ways in which this knowledge framework is realized through action situations.

Syllabus Design (Nunan)

They are split into three groups, and each group hears an incomplete description of the family. Sar hello,formallr and informallr: Do you like to srudy grammar learn new words practise the sounds and pronunciation? Climate and seasons 4. Mustika Sari rated it it was ok Dec 12, In the rest of 4 we shall look at some of daid proposals which have davkd mad.

For instance, in courses based on principles of communicative language teaching, it is important that these principles are reflected, not only in curriculum documents and syllabus plans, but also in classroom activities, patterns of classroom interaction, and in tests of communicative performance.


To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. In effect, the learner has to hold this person and number in working memory and then produce the appropriate form of the verb. These wi ll in clude age, sex, n at ion ali y, mother tongue, comm and of t arget langu age, other langu ages, et c. The use of content from other subject areas has found its widest application in courses and materials for ESP. Puposive domain Educational-to study agriculture and catle breeding.

If teachers are planning to follow a davix approach, they may need to negotiate with the learners and modiy the sgllabus to take account of learner perceptions about the ysllabus of language and language learning. Later i n 3 we shall see that grammatical complexiy does not necessarily equate with learning dificulty.

Syllabus Design

If some form of needs analysis has been carried out to establish the davld and needs of a given group of learners or of an educational system, a necessary second step is to translate them into instructional goals. What conclusions would you come to about the level o f ease o r dificulty o f different verb and tense forms?

The following quotes have been taken from Brumit which provides an excellent overview of the range and diversity of opinion on syllabus design.

It is conc eivabl e that this ‘g en eral ‘ compon ent ma y, in its elf, rep res ent s impl y anoth er d omain of us e for th e s nnunan languag e l earn er. H ome l angu age: We have already noted that there is a lack of any direct one-to-one relationship beween linguistic functions, notions, and grammatical forms. We have designed ir so as ro guide reachers rowards rhe critical appraisal of ideas and rhe informed applicarion of these ideas in rheir own classrooms.

Syllabus Design by David Nunan

Thus, biographical information on age, nationality, home language, etc. It is often suggested that the designers of such davd supposed that the language was of its nature entirely. Describe houses and lats: Stage 1 Single words and formulae. It will include, among other things, information on ,vhy the learner has undertaken to learn a second language, and the classroom tasks and activities which the learner prefers.


Marit al st atus: Yunus rated it it was amazing Feb 16, Which activities could be part of both a language course and a non-language course? Trivia About Syllabus Design. Stage 2 Canonical or ‘standard’ word order, e.

In this section, we shall look at some of the ways in which learner data have been used to inform decision-making in syllabus design. The narrow view draws a clear distinction between syllabus design and methodology. An alternative orientation would PrIOrItize the route itself: In order to determine what these purposes are, in addition to linguistic analyses of various sorts, it is also often necessary to carry out some form of needs analysis.

Each of these elements is either product or process oriented, and the inclusion of each will be justiied according to davic about the nature of. They are only the raw data and must be manipulated in various ways before they are transformed into a syllabus usable in classroom teaching. Sub-series 1 focuses on desiign of lal1gllage knowledge, with books linked to the conventional levels of li nguistic description: Thus Candlin 1 9 8 7 chooses to articulate pedagogic criteria for task-selection while Long advocates a form of needs analysis as the starting point.

In 1, the curriculum model of Tyler 1 was referred to briefly.