Manual and Automap Modes. 4. Automap Mode. 4. 1. Controlling Reason 3 using Automap. 4. 2. Controlling Cubase SL/SX 3 using Automap. Select a product family CubaseNuendoDoricoWaveLabVSTSoundsApps Hardware. Use the buttons above to find you product. Two Logitech Speakers Cubase SX3 Getting Started Guide Mixing for Technical Support) Cubase SX The Official Guide (A vital handbook for.

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Hi guys, I’m trying to learn my way around MuseScore, and I’m having some trouble.

The naming scheme –

Breadcrumb Home Forums Support and bug reports. What is at hand regarding overtaking the name of markers to the export name is the loss of a small undocumented feature because the entire export functionality has been rebuild. When lots of guys were getting angry about this incident, now you offered a solution. But since cubase 5, a tool has been removed from my toolkit, and now, about 5 or 6 software updates later, with multiple post on the forums, it feels to me that steinberg dosen’t care.

I read some topics about it on cubase. I’m posting about this issue on this forum and the old cubase forum every once in a while.

Was a sound that could kill someone from a distance Is it really complex to put it back as an option or what? I used this feature cycle marker names inserted automatically into the file name field at activating the Mixdown everytime in Cubase 5.


I hate these warped decisions that make the user’s life harder, not easier. Let us remember that the entire export function was redesigned as batch export and the new naming scheme was introduced, which are awesome and well working features. Is there a way to do it en masse? How do I delete the indented one and add a header? User support Documentation Development Donate. It’s often easier to just recreate a score from cybase than to use MIDI. I did handbcuh about the removal of this function after cubase 5, then after 5.

Should I downgrade to keep only this feature To be more constructive here is my feature request may be part of this thread for some They removed a working and very useful feature for just buisness reasons.

Is this a solution that satisfy any legal Cubase user? So, I’m importing, but immediately, there are all sorts of strange inconsisties. I just read the 6.

I asked one of the member of cubade Cubase product planning team where is this feature now. How do I sort them back out?

Steinberg user manuals

In reply to Thanks, but unfortunately by Nocturnalist. That used to be default and was working smoothly for years, must be somewhat simple to work it in again, no? So this is to get back on a constructive positive track.

It was easy and there was no risk of error or typos in the name of the hajdbuch and in the tracklist for the CD. You can also use Breaks to force line breaks wherever you want.


Hi, Let’s not have this thread go down the obsessive anti Steinberg conspiracy theory road. Removing a feature like this is a devalution of Cubase. I do whole albums in one project, it’s quicker and easier for me to manage.

Steinberg user manuals

Extremely important for many of us. The workflow could even be quicker by optimizing it with macros. This would improve my workflow out of sight.

Then upgraded to 5.

Google [Bot] and 7 guests. As mentioned, MIDI is not a verygood format for this sort of thing, so aside from fixing things up by hand, I don’t think there are any good options here.

Also the marker track has been changed changed quite a bit. Should I buy the Nuendo for euro just to use this feature? Edit – Select Events under Cursor 3. So i buy the cubase 6 upgrade and there’s still no fix for that good old function hadnbuch vanished in an upgrade a few years ago!! Then i buyed Cubase 5, with the new naming scheme, the naming options are: