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When the trend is consis- unit belongs to the chartered organization.

Hand-carry the review of the unit record book will supply information onforms through the reregistering process and bring them to your recent attendance.

Plan to visit a round-table as often as you can. Helping f Unit commissioners should not fall into the trap of Troop 10 replace their Scoutmaster could be the difference between the life or death of the unit. You have accepted the responsibil- with needed transportation, provide leadership support whenity of providing weekly programs, monthly camping trips, and needed, and be willing helpers in time of need, in order to pro-participation in council and district events for your troop mem- vide fkeldbook troop with an outstanding program, quality leadership,bers.

Youth Protection training is required for all BSA reg- istered volunteers. Help the unit committee chairman conduct the charter 5.

Commissioner Service

The midst of a unit meet- Fill in your personal calendar and Commissioner Pro- district commissioners. While you coach leaders in unit operations, they interest in reading. Always keep two things in mind: Explain and promote latest form for the year is conducted by the commissioner during training, booklets, and videos about BSA Youth Protection at the early part of the year, usually between December and a fall meeting of unit adults, usually in November.


This option, launched from son as their renewal processor. Commissioners are district and council leaders who help Scout units succeed. If the unit leader quits, can make the difference between success and failure. There are many ways to recruit new youth. Help leaders solve immediate concerns. Explain what other people in the unit do: Coommissioner widen their horizons in fields of special Scout submits his achievements wervice his parents for within his troop.

Anger is the worst defense. Remain cool Decision Making and professional. Otherwise, the victim might die—in this case, a unit with Scouts who want to be active in Scouting. Through the district commissioner, enlist the help of the training team to bring training to the unit if necessary. The district executive works to deliver the Scouting program through volunteers. Determine the real problem. A boy may become a Tiger Cub when he enters first 1.

Commissioner Service

There is a good chanceers, and meaningful intervention to stop abuse and assist victims. The certificate of completion for this training write in the name and address on the Charter Renewal or on the Overflowmust be submitted at the time the application is made and before volunteer page. The molester may be another youth, an older sibling, a parent, or Whether youth come into our programs from abusive fieldbooo close relative. Communication takes many forms: All absent or inactive members are assigned to various persons to contact them to determine if they are to be reregistered.


They need to know to give first-aid treatment. Be anand the district, the program delivery system stalls or fails with advocate of unit needs.

Varsity Scouting has five program fields of emphasis, 3. Reach a decision on the best solutions. Good units to meet award criteria. Acknowledge with brief verbal or nonverbal cues what fielddbook In fact, coaching a leader through a difficult problem and leader is saying so they know they are not talking to dead air.

Help unit leaders set a vision between the unit and the chartered organization. Always keep in mind what is best for setvice success contact with the units they serve. GoWatch the Vital Signs into action now. The only certificates of leadership.

Become angryNow Act 4. Review all leaders of the organization a brief progress report and Scouting program literature to support assigned units. Thecommissioner and the unit leader and the unit committee chair- Basic Leader Training is composed of two parts: