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I winced at the rough handling by some of the full-time staff and Missionary sisters. She left unanswered a letter from the prosecutor asking her to return those funds so that they could be dispersed to his victims. Much of the donated money went to missionary causes, and there was no transparency to the finances in the organization. So collect millions in the name of the suffering poor; just don’t spend it on relieving their pain or restoring their dignity.

Was he interviewed by the Vatican’s investigators?

The Missionary Position – Wikidata

This is not only relating to her frequent pronunciations missionzria the evils of birth control. Hope Endures is an account of what it was like inside Mother Theresa’s order by a woman who was there, a real eye opener.

The best part were the depositions of cjristopher volunteers, in the middle of the book. I view this as a blown opportunity. Why answer with abuses? The irony is flabbergasting, but Hitchens would have us believe that it’s all part of some evil scheme towards beatification, and I don’t think he argued it strongly enough. This includes an astoundingly ignorant review by William Donohue of the Catholic League, who spends so much of it attacking Hitchens’ character that one wonders whether he paid any attention to what Hitchens actually wrote.


She would give deathbed baptisms to Hindus and Muslims without their explicit consent. By sure he is a hater, he has harsh words for Mother Teresa, the clercy and Catholicism.

I read this book and pretty much hated it. Mar 22, Hayden rated it really liked it Shelves: It is easy to find superficial fault with Hitchens’ book. Still, this is an important book in hitcbens respects, and a good reminder not to put people on too high a pedestal, whether it be Mother Teresa or Hitchens himself.

If these are our concerns, then the evidence Hitchens presents is damning. Curious how quickly the semblance of saintliness affixed to Mother Teresa seems to fade with the author’s careful inspection.

Muggeridge did such a good job of propaganda in his movie so that anyone who looks critically at Mother Teresa’s hitches does so at his own peril. Well they could, but it would hardly be credible. This book is quite shocking and insightful book book for me. I may be biased.

The Missionary Position: Mother Teresa in Theory and Practice

There is no question that she did horrible things and was never held to account by the world at large. He has a premise and he looks for evidences to support it.

It’s a boon to his work as an essayist, but it’s the reason his books are all slight, pithy, and dense. Now I’m curious to hear her opinions about it! When Keating was tried in Mother Teresa wrote to the court asking clemency for him.


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One such engagement was when she wrote a letter to Judge Lance Ito, appealing for leniency in the sentencing of Charles Keating, the perpetrator of hotchens Savings and Loan scandal.

I was not privy to the motivations of her deeds, much less her thoughts but as a young Catholic she was upheld as a modern day Saint.

Those who try to discredit Hitchens’ book by attacking Hitchens personally are ethically irresponsible. Mother Teresa’s entire attitude towards money seems rather odd.

La posizione della missionaria

I haven’t read this book by Hitchens, but have found his other writing ‘God is not Great,’ for example erudite, witty, and elegant. To simply accompany select poor, providing them with mere pietisms in place of any effective relief or respite, whilst accepting a veritable degree of medical attention for herself, indeed seems to imply fraudulence of a kind, given the lavishing of flattery the lady accepted as no more than her due.

She was a friend of poverty. Dec 27, Caroline rated it really liked it Recommended to Caroline by: Hitchens’s aim is clear. My only quibble is at pages with a large font, it is quite a bit shorter posizionf I was expecting. To even think of criticising or questioning Mother Teresa leaves most people gasping in shock and outrage.