Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. Resin Plasma Blastgun for the Chaos Warhound Titan’s right weapon hardpoint. Rules. Rules for using this. A extremely detailed model of the Mars Pattern Warhound Titan. Rules for this model and it’s associated weapons can be found in the Games Workshop. Description; Rules; Delivery; Returns. Description. Resin Vulcan Mega Bolter for the Chaos Warhound Titan’s left weapon hardpoint. Rules. Rules for using this.

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Warhound Scout Titan

Summoning units of this power using the usual Daemonic Ritual rules is all but impossible and so a variant rule, Arch-daemonic Ritual, has been provided here. When you had blast templates that hit 78in 2, you just can’t efficiently represent that through a few D6 that need BS to do anything. But for the last twenty years, everything the Dark Angels had that made them unique has been handed out to every other Chapter. Really not that great.

June 19, 3: Whereas the warlord is tougher than a reaver warhojnd of its much higher toughness, a reaver is tougher than a war hound because of its almost double wounds, allowing it to take more than double the punishment thanks to its improved void shield.

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June 22, 1: So when people say that older molds eventually break, does that mean those old models that we bought will eventually degrade? One thing I’m curious of is how the FW hardware is divvied up between the different Space Marine “factions”; in particular, how much of this is available to the Deathwatch.

Ads by Project Wonderful! June 21, 8: So it might not be swift qarhound there is some hope!!!!

This one is packing 32 Strength attacks. It also makes the Warlord the only titan which is really capable of dealing with every possible threat, as the reaver and warhound just don’t have the number of hard points required to take such a large variety of guns. The mold broke, so they need to wait until they have the resources to make a new mold before they can put it back up for sale and start taking orders.


While I don’t really expect that to have changes…. June 22, 6: We get it, you don’t like Forge World. It’s a slim hope, admittedly.

A Warhound is captained by a Princeps, crewed by two Moderati, maintained by two Techpriests, and operated by three Servitors. Couldn’t you just field them as Assaults with no jump packs, and then take the detachment that has mostly Fast Attack choices? Dawn of War Trade your minis Miniswap Podcasts: Submit a new link. Nothing of value is to be derived from the words you type. You are a troll and a fucking waste of time. Submit a new text post. He can leave combat and rip them to pieces.

So…Warlord first to break T June 20, 8: So I need to ask a rhles about Molds: How long do you think till we can buy one again? All have a bit of flavor nothing to stupid and cool war gear waehound. Anyone have the rules for the land raider achilles?

T5 with W10 does mean it’s fairly resilient for its presumed point cost, so dropping several of them alongside a bunch of other melee threats could potentially be fairly strong. Missing the Imperial Typhon.

June 20, 1: I’ve always worked on the principle that the Furioso is mostly because the other chapters just don’t really see the point of the Furioso or have their own equivilants, like the wolves.

The wolf theme was carried on with the design of their “heads” as well as their battle tactics – a small group were capable of bringing down an Imperator Titan to its knees, rendering it unable to fight and easy to capture.


Any mission you field a Titan in becomes an Annihilation Mission. But seriously, what is with you, showing up a few months, then a week later, just to be utter shithead? Up to 9 wounds normally, yes, but when down to wounds, you’re rolling up to 5 d6 when determining stats with d3 potential wounds gained on each 1 or 6.

DO NOT post point values for weapons and upgrades in your army lists, only the total point value of the unit. If that is the case then the big win might very well end up being the Deathwatch getting access to Javelin speeders.

Bring an equivalent number of tanks or preferably melee units Carnifex ; you’ll do more more damage AND have more wounds.

Warhammer 40,/Tactics/Adeptus Titanicus(8E) – 1d4chan

Given how big the profiles for a lot of the Macro weapons are, further doubling their damage is just crazy. You titab happen to also have the Questoris Knight Pages and the Weapon profiles do you? So a very small part of me lives chais hope that they’re just producing a new mold for a better quality Repressor. Daemon Engines of Nurgle: I kinda doubt they’ll do anything with it, but it’s possible. No FW in tournaments, kids. Harbinger – Hell Yitan – Hell Talon. Reaver Volcano Cannon, a fantastic piece of equipment which performs the best or joint first place against all targets other than infantry, take this weapon and with its high rate of fire and damage it will never disappoint you.

No Macro weapon may be used to make Overwatch attacks.