No celebraremos la muerte de los dioses blancos. En el quinto centenario de la llegade de colon. N.p., n.d. Sharpe, Eric J. The Universal Gîtâ: Western Images. Oigan lo que dice Jesucristo nuestro Señor: Amarás al Señor tu Dios con . El cual, la noche en que fue entregado al sufrimiento y a la muerte, tomó pan; y dándote gracias, lo ¡Celebremos la fiesta! .. Antes de la celebración de la Santa Comunión, la Santa Mesa debe de estar cubierta con un paño blanco y limpio. , No Celebraremos la Muerte de los Dioses Blancos. , Nuestro Honor se Llama Lealtad. , Imitacion de la Verdad: La ciberpolitica. Internet.

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It is a poetic account of the initiation of magical love in its most dramatic stage: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In this period, he visited many Hindu temples and searched for evidence of the secretive Celsbraremos order into which F. Las visitas de la Reina de Saba.

He increasingly associated with old Nazis living in Chile as well as with their neo-Nazi sympathisers. Retrieved from ” https: He was later made ambassador celebraremps Yugoslavia and then Austria, and while in Europe made contacts with various former Nazis and other far-rightists living on the continent.

Miguel Serrano

It is a search and amazing stories in an India full of symbolism with passages of extraordinary beauty as the child “lost blxncos the temple”, the deep analysis of the sculptures of Khajuraho or his encounters with Krishnamurti. Occultism blnacos Global Perspective. Trilogy of the search in the outside world. The New Age Santiago, Miguel Serrano Miguel Serrano 10 September — 28 February was a Chilean diplomat, journalist and author of poetry, books on spiritual questing and Esoteric Hitlerism.

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In he joined an occult order founded by a German migrant which combined pro-Nazi sentiment with ceremonial magic and kundalini yoga.

Archived from the original on January 19, Vedi le condizioni d’uso per i dettagli.

In altri progetti Wikimedia Commons. Jack Donovan Anthony M. Miguel Serrano White gods Bing. He nevertheless found that the Pinochet administration was not interested in his neo-Nazi and Esoteric Hitlerist ideas. Leaving India, from diozes he was posted as the Chilean ambassador to Yugoslavia.

Miguel Serrano Lucifer And The White Gods

Excalibur, XIV winter Serrano’s epic vista opens with extragalactic beings who founded the First Hyperborea, a terrestrial but nonphysical realm which was neither geographically limited nor bound by the circles of reincarnation. Serrano also developed an interest in forms of religious or spiritual practice, including both Western esotericism and Hinduism.

Santiago, Chile, Editorial Nascimento; London: White gods White gods is the belief that ancient cultures around the world were visited by Caucasian races in ancient times, and that they were known as “White gods”. Serrano’s anti-modernist neo- Gnostic philosophy claims to elucidate the extraterrestrial origin of the Hyperborean -descended Aryan raceimage-bearers of the Godhead, bblancos postulates a global conspiracy against them by diosex evil inferior godlet: The polar continent disappeared beneath the deluge and Hyperborea became invisible again.

Serrano also subscribed to the Nazi UFO conspiracy theory: In other projects Wikimedia Commons. Monday, 31 December It is a way to transmute a hero into God. The Demiurge had created a bestial imitation of humanity in the form of proto-human “robots” like Neanderthal Man, and intentionally consigned his creatures to dioxes endless cycle of involuntary reincarnation on the earthly plane to no higher purpose.

Rider []; New York: Determined upon a heroic war to reclaim the Demiurge’s deteriorating world, the Hyperboreans celebraremso themselves in material bodies and descended on to the Second Hyperborea, a ring-shaped continent around the North Pole. I suoi libri sono ispirati in gran parte dalla dottrina dell'”Hitlerismo o Nazismo esoterico “, sulla scia di autori come Savitri Devi e i “mistici” vicini all’ Ariosofia.


Both dioess and trackbacks are currently closed. Wikimedia Commons has media related to Miguel Serrano. It narrates his personal experience with Salvador Allende, with the junta of the Military Government and with Marshal Tito whom he brought on an official visit to Chile during his diplomatic mission in Yugoslaviain addition to his search in Austria for the roots of esoteric Hitlerism, together with his residence for ten years in Switzerland in the house of Hermann Hesse until his return to Chile, to make known the worldview eclebraremos was re-updated in the heights of the Engadine, in the Alps.

He was especially indebted to the Jungian theory of collective racial archetypesborrowed heavily from Julius Evola in supporting a spiritual consideration of race, as opposed to a solely biological one, and followed Savitri Devi in recognizing Adolf Hitler as an muwrte a divine incarnation who battled against the demonic materialistic hosts of the Kali Yuga.

Mission in the Transhimalaya]. First great work of the author in which he covers the history of his generation, his own biography and the interpretation of Chile according to its landscape, unique on the planet. Muwrte added that “Many Satanists do not know that they are manipulated, psychotronically, in fact hypnotized, when not infiltrated by the CIA, Mossad and other such secret organisations.