The Bride Price tells the poignant love story of Aku-nna, a young Igbo girl, and Chike, the son of a prosperous former slave. They are drawn. Complete summary of Buchi Emecheta’s The Bride Price. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of The Bride Price. First published in , this great literary classic follows a young Nigerian woman who rejects the patriarchal traditions of her culture to find love and happiness.

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The Bride Price is a jump into the deep end of Igbo culture and beliefs, especially around women and marriage.

Found the ending to be unsatisfying, but technically clever. I enjoyed it more towards the end!

Emecheta is also speaking into a silence, in some regards, as the audience for whom she most wants to write—African women—often do not have access to her books. So it is in The Bride Price.

Review – The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta

With this metaphor, Emecheta uses the ants and their willingness to follow that invisible power as an example of the people of Ibuza following the traditional ways without questioning the reasons behind them. By encouraging this relationship, Aku-nna defies her mother and her stepfather, as well as the social laws of her entire culture. Though she successfully defends herself against her kidnapper’s sexual advances, she is soon discouraged by the realization that she has nowhere to run.

Their written voices have been silenced for a long time. After her father’s sudden death, Aku-nna’s life changes.

brlde Each compound housed a man, his immediate family and some relatives. As such, the novel is almost by definition a progressive genre. She was very close with him and thsi was a traumatizing experience for her because she was forced to move out of the town she has lived in her whole life to live with her cousins.


Instead of freeing the women, the story of Chike and Aku-nna became a metaphor for death—a death with no heaven on the other side. There is also a discrepancy between how African male and African female critics review her work. We maltreat our maids and house-helps, look down on less fortunate women, and even at the workplace, you would expect the women bosses to put a humane face to the practice of human resource, but it is not so. Young single men who have affairs with married women are tolerated through hride intentional blindness on the part of an aging husband.

The Bride Price: A Novel

He is also determined never to allow her to marry a descendent of a slave. June 6, at 4: Or was it because her stepfather, in vengefulness and voodoo-like practice, calls her spirit back home? If her children do not comply, it will appear to the villagers, Ma Blackie’s relatives, that she has spoiled her children.

It troubles us, in other words, because the beliefs it is based on are embedded in a tradition alien to our own. Retrieved from ” https: Because she does not want her family to arrange a marriage for her, she keeps the fact of her menarche secret for two months.

Related Tags african authors african fiction african literature african women writers book review bride price buchi emecheta Fiction good african books nigerian books nigerian novelist strong female leads women writers The Author. Anyway… such is life. She is asking Chike to speak for her. The reader is told in the beginning of the story that the people of Ibuza have a “group mind.


Slowly she learns to vocalize her thoughts, which, in the beginning of the book, are heard only inside her head. Instead, because it is, after all, we who want to understand them, we have the far more difficult challenge of trying “to extend our understanding” of their categories.

After her father dies, it seems significant that Akunna temporarily loses her voice during the mourning rituals. The bride price is not paid, and according to tradition the bride must die in childbirth, which is what Aku-nna does. I really enjoyed the story and cultural insights but found the writing style tiresome. Although the village was traditionally ruled by men, the people believed in common deities that included both gods and goddesses. They are a people who think alike, whose ways are alike, so much so that it would not occur to any one of them to behave and act differently.

The Bride Price by Buchi Emecheta

The latter portion of the book is more focused on Aku-nna’s story, and is considerably the stronger portion of the book. It is a lie that overturns reality by challenging btide legitimacy of the fathers’ discourse. One night, after she finds out that she has passed her school examination meaning she might become a teacher, earning money by means other than the bride price she and the other young women of her age-group are practicing a dance for the upcoming Christmas celebration when men burst in and kidnap her.