Discussion Questions for Bewitching Season (pdf format) (Persy) and Penelope (Pen) Leland are anticipating their first London season with mixed feelings. Chapter One. April –Mage’s Tutterow, Hampshire, England. “My God, Persy, you killed him!” “I did not!” the Honourable Persephone Leland snapped back. Betraying Season. Henry Holt Books for Young Readers/Square Fish Paperback $ ($ CAN) ISBN Read an excerpt.

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It wasn’t until I finished the book and was thinking about it when I realised that I was never able to fully visualise any of the characters.

Jan 10, Angelc rated it it was amazing Shelves: No love-triangles, minimal instalove, no obsessive stalkers. Doyle uses the new setting of Ireland well, capturing and beautifully portraying how its customs and people are different from those of the London Pen is from. She made very error possible in regards to the men and I wanted to slap her. There is also their little brother, Charles, who is a real firecracker.

And more importantly, can Pen earn the commendation Queen Victoria gave her? Despite how much she wants to better herself, being locked up all day studying, at times with four male students of Doctor Carrighar’s who don’t appreciate the presence of a female, can be tiring.

Of course I was totally wrong. Niall is no less charming and attentive. I enjoyed the household of the Carrighars, what with the mariswa staff and the fae living in the wine cellar. No one else picked up on those vibes?


I mean, to everyone else, she is a loveable amazing person! This book was a good meld of debutante society, love, magic and adventure. One can’t take bewitchnig for serious. I wanted to shake that woman to her senses.

Lady Keating wants to help introduce Pen into society in Ireland, and invites her to tea. Such a cute read! The whole book is full of Big Misunderstandings, but it’s actually very understandable.

Bewitching Season (Leland Sisters, #1) by Marissa Doyle

I accidentally started reading this trilogy out of sequence, and overall, I found the protagonist of the third book, Courtship and Curses a Lot more likable than Persy Leland was in this. Carrighar, a retired professor who still teaches young men from his former college in the ways of magic.

It was amusing, and cute, and slightly frustrating because romance stories usually are. For the majority of the story Ally and their magical abilities are absent.

Seriously, Niall, you could think of no better plan? Feb 16, Bettielee rated it really liked it Shelves: All in all, an enjoyable historical fantasy romp. HardcoverSeaason Editionpages. As they find themselves caught up in a whirlwind of balls and parties and unwanted – or sometimes wanted – male attention, they must occasionally resort to somewhat unorthodox means.

May 06, Brillare rated it really liked it. Oh, and for my bio–married mom of three young adults, life-long New Englander, passionate about history and research and anything from the past, and devoted to my adorable pet bunnies, whose photos Bewtching tend to paste all over Facebook.



I didn’t like this book as much as the first book, perhaps because it seemed so obvious that Lady Keating isn’t what she seems and after the experiences in the first book, shouldn’t Pen be more wary?

Too diyle that Persy decided to cast a spell on her love interest At this time, magic is underground. I am a huge fan of anything Victorian, so I loved the plot of this book.

Plus, there was this whole thing where he planned to seduce her to save her, and, I’m sorry, but that just made me incredibly uncomfortable. May 16, Jenna rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Will she even believe his claims about his mother? The story keeps ringing through my head and I’m still loving it!

And when Niall realizes that he loves Pen, he knows he cannot continue deceiving seasno. Along the way the girls will discover that the kidnapping has much to do with the plot to take away Princess Victoria’s power. She was the prime example of what a Mary Sue is. As luck – or fate – would have it, Pen meets the mysterious Lady Keating when she absent-mindedly steps in front of the Keating carriage.