Fossatum Africae: recherches aériennes sur l’organisation des confins sahariens à l’époque romaine. Front Cover. Jean Lucien Baradez. Arts et métiers. Fossatum Africae (“African ditch”) is a linear defensive structure (limes) claimed to Ideas on the purpose of the Fossatum have evolved since Baradez’ time. This feature was rediscovered in by Jean Baradez, a retired French Air Force pilot and described in great detail in his book, Fossatum Africae.

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Sometimes the embankments are supplemented by dry stone fosaatum on one or both fossatu, rarely, there are stone walls without a ditch. Bytheir efforts had converted the major Berber tribes of Huwara around Tripoli, in the Nafusa Mountains and at Zenata in western Tripolitania.

The Kingdom of Fez was centered at Fez, to the west of Tlemcen. These dimensions do not include the walls ditches, berms and forts, the central section measured eight Roman feet wide on a 3 m base. These are abundant and detailed, but have strongly influenced by the official propaganda of the period. The Fossatum is accompanied by many small watchtowers and numerous forts, often built within sight of one another.

The region that we call Africa is divided in two provinces, old and new, by a “fossa” ditch stretching in Africa from Thenas near Sfax until the Thabarca area. Member feedback about History of Algeria — They succeeded in obtaining control of much of Carthages North African territory, the Carthaginian state declined because of successive defeats by the Romans in the Punic Wars.

Member feedback about Kingdom of Ait Abbas: The early history of Mecca is still disputed, as there are no unambiguous references to it in ancient literature prior to the rise of Islam.

Then the drier conditions that prevailed prior to the Neolithic Subpluvial returned; desertification advanced, and the Sahara Desert formed or re-formed.

Louis the Pious giving penance at Attigny in Algeria-related lists Revolvy Brain revolvybrain. The Banu Ifran resisted or revolted against foreign occupiers—Romans, Vandals, and Byzantines—of their territory in Africa. Sallust claims the arrangement fell apart almost immediately due to the unprincipled ambition of Jugurtha and the longtime jealousy of his two half-brothers.


Articles with specifically marked weasel-worded It was eventually subdued by Stilicho, under the command of Mascezel. In fact Hadrians Wall lies entirely within England and has never formed the Anglo-Scottish border, while it is less than 1 kilometre south of the border with Scotland in the west at Bowness-on-Solway, in the east it is as much as kilometres away. As a prosperous trading center, it attracted its more powerful neighbors. Moro indigenous to all of North Africa west of Egypt; in the 9th century BC, Phoenicians built settlements along the Mediterranean Sea to facilitate shipping, of which Carthage rose to dominance in the 8th century until its conquest by the Roman Republic.

Member feedback about Fossa regia: With an area of 2, square kilometres, Algeria is the tenth-largest country in the world, the country is a semi-presidential republic consisting of 48 arricae and 1, communes. These colonies were created in the area—now called Tamazgha by the Berbers—located between Morocco and Libyan Tripolitania.

Fossatum Africae

Jugurtha or Jugurthen c. Micipsa became the King of Numidia. The width of the Fossatum is generally 3—6 m but in exceptional cases may be as much as 20 m.

Algeria articles missing geocoordinate data All articles needing coordinates. Baradez also postulated a pulse of construction during the reign of Gordian III in the 3rd century, and finally abandonment of the Fossatum in after the Vandal invasion.

The letter states that if Roman citizens did not continue to maintain the fossatum, then the job would afrlcae given to barbarian tribes that had vossatum to be friendly to the Roman Empire.

Vespasian emerged triumphant in 69, establishing the Flavian dynasty, before being succeeded by his son Titus and his short reign was followed by the long reign of his brother Domitian, who was eventually assassinated.

Information on the history of Hadrians reign comes mostly from later. Tiddis also known as Castellum Tidditanorum or Tiddi[1] was a Roman city that depended on Cirta and a bishopric as Tiddi, which remains a Latin Rossatum titular see.

Member feedback about Purpurius: As the royal party turned to depart, Hamilcar the Samnite and a group of his supporters attacked Micipsa’s convoy, killing some of his attendants. Rommel is on his left and Martin Bormann on his right. Ancient history Capsa in Roman times was near the “limes romanus” called Fossatum Africae.


It was ruled by sultans of the Zayyanid dynasty. The war constituted an important phase in the Roman subjugation of Northern Africa, but Numidia did not become a Roman province until 46 BC. List of town walls in England and Wales.

Fossatum Africae – Jean Lucien Baradez – Google Books

The associated ancient population, known as the Snail eaters, are kno As emperor, Constantine enacted many administrative, financial, social, the government was restructured and civil and military authority separated.

One of France’s longest-held overseas territories, Algeria became a destination for hundreds of thousands of European immigrants known as colons and, later, as pieds-noirs. The Banu Hafs, were a powerful group amongst the Almohads; their ancestor is Omar Abu Hafs al-Hentati, a member of the council of ten and a close companion of Ibn Tumart. Clockwise from top left: Password Reminder Or sign in using one of the following providers: The Fossatum is accompanied by many small watchtowers and numerous forts, often built within sight of one another.

He followed up the aerial work with traverses on the ground and excavations at many sites along its route. In the seventh century, they sided with Kahina in her resistance against the Muslim Umayyad invaders. In Hadrian adopted Antoninus Pius on the condition that he adopt Marcus Aurelius and Lucius Verus as his own heirs and they would eventually succeed Antoninus as co-emperors.

The basis of Moroccos English name is Marrakesh, its capital under the Almoravid dynasty, the origin of the name Marrakesh is disputed, but is most likely from the Berber words amur akush or Land of God. Some parts of section of the wall survive to a height of 3 m. There are similar, but shorter, fossatae in other parts of North Africa. The Eastern Roman Empire endured for another millennium, eventually falling to the Ottoman Turks inthe Roman Empire was among the most powerful economic, cultural, political and military forces in the world of its time.