Astron DC power supplies are made of heavy duty, high quality materials Find Astron Power Supplies RSA and get Free Standard Shipping on orders over. Buy Astron Original RSA Power Supply, Linear, Regulated, 20A Peak, 16A Continuous, Output: Vdc, Input: V: Internal Power Supplies. ASTRON RSA 11 – 15 Volts Adjustable DC Linear Power Supply 16 Amps Cont 20 Amps ICS.

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Dad was adtron active and avid HAM radio operator for 73 years! Unless one is skilled and careful it’s easy to do it wrong and cause another point of failure.

This circuit prevents damage to your radio equipment, due to over voltage. I highly recommend the RSA. I was recently Given this RSA. Request Quote or Price Match Shipping: The crowbar is not there to protect the power supply, it’s there to protect the load.

I will revisit this review in a few months for an update. Note that a failure of one component can cause secondary failures and this makes troubleshooting more challenging. Three Conductor Power Cord.


Product Narrative Astron linear power supplies are heavy duty and solid state electronically regulated. They will NOT work correctly and your regulation will suffer severely because of it.

Need to astton the Astron on the floor, away from the RF, and it stays happy. Aastron it for years! The owner replaced the 5 amp fuse with a 20 amp item. Astron Corporation manufactures full line of reliable DC power supplies addressing the needs of consumer and professional users.


And I can tell something is burned up because I smelled it Browse Related Browse Related. Used, in great cosmetical condition.

Astron RSA: Radio Communication | eBay

I repaired a supply that had blown the fuse following a thunderstorm. When a fuse blows, my first thought is one of the rectifiers shorted, second thought is the crowbar shorted, third thought is the filter capacitor shorted, and everything else falls in after that.

It is not suitable for domestic USA use. Patent and other rights reserved.

Index of /SCSSTreasuresCatalog/hardware/temp-Astron-RS20A

It’s job is to turn on and short out the supply if the voltage gets to high typically due to a pass transistor shortkinda like throwing a “crowbar” across the supply. The circuit is simply not designed to drive these transistors. We used 2 Halogen Fog Lamps at 9. Astron builds supplies for several major manufacturers.

At 16 Amps as rated, we would have come back to a Smoked Up metal box. I hope this is a H The unit is tested and working. Rock solid when used within the specifications. Hopefully yours won’t catch fire as did one belonging to a fellow ham I knew. The fuse is there to prevent fires or injury to the owner. It is continuous at 16 amps and 20a ICS, for those who want 20 amps continuous buy a bigger supply! KH6AQMay 17, Astron power supply part number example: If a short is indicated the transistor is shorted.

Luckily, the schematic diagrams are supplied by Astron and there’s nothing complicated in their linear power supplies like the RS If a short rs200a indicated a transistor is shorted. Also shop in Also shop in. It has not been modified. After replacing it, and the LM regulator IC for good measure no problems whatsoever. If you like the newer switching supplies that’s ok but for me I’ll stay with the linear ones.


Astrons are very reliable, but stuff happens. I think that is how I found the problem. All current issue metered Astron power supplies have illuminated meters.

The Pass Transistors on the external heat sink are usually the culprit. Have a look here: Rated 20amps Gs20a, it does perform. I have a Astron RSA power supply that was working just fine and all of a sudden it blew the 5A fuse and now it just keeps blowing astrron as soon as I turn it on, with no load. The top three failure modes in order of probability are: Continuous duty current 7.

Then it’s checking the bridge rectifier for a short, checking the caps for a short, checking the SCR in the crowbar for a short, checking the pass transistors for a short. Check my feedback as I don’t sell junk. Astron has your power requirements covered with a wide variety of voltage and amperage outputs and case styles with and without meters.