Good day all, I need some help with my Arboga U mill/drill press. I got a kind of stuck in overhauling my mill. I figured out, that the worm. Hi guys, I’m considering buying an Arboga U mill/drill as a small second milling machine in my workshop and would like to hear some real. Machinery Scandinavia AB. Tungatan 10, 83 Rosenfors, Sweden tel +46 , fax +46

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Arboga U2508 Mill/drill to be set up as a mitering machine

Max Mertens would be happy to help you! Results 1 to 5 of 5. Buyer complaints can lead to the withdrawal of the seal. I got a kind of stuck in overhauling my mill. Use 20×5 ballscrews on the X and Y. However, experienced long-term owners report that this is not a problem and that even under heavy cuts the rigidity of the head is not compromised.

Need some of these done.

I think I may have got a solution in the pipeline now. I re machined it to take new bearings and machined it to use R8 tooling before you ask why?

Machineseeker Trust Seal

Aug 09, An oil-immersed, power-feed gearbox was an option but, being very expensive, is rarely found. Should be fine robin as it has a knockout in the side of the quill Hi all, delurking in the hope of getting some help and advice.


New machines via email! John thanks for the offer of the test piece but i should be ok on that front. Credit report must not contains negative criteria. Leading European marketplace for used machines.

Arboga U help – RC Groups

Machine dealer with o An optional, self-contained, electrically-driven table power feed unit reduced maximum travel by 1″ but provided 6 feed rates of 0. Not ideal if you ever planned to remove it!!! In the end i may loose my bridgeport which i still need to sell but will have a CNC mill. If you want I can post a few pics of the whole setup. Unfortunately they just have the manual for the machine itself but without the power table feed option.

Not really a job unless you have access to another mill. Quill has mm of movement which means i can run that as my Z and leave the column manual for different job sizes Plans: Cookies make it easier to offer our services.

Aug 15, Unaccountably unless they are, perhaps, Russian copies some machines have their head assemblies made from “mirror-image” casting; this, of course, has the effect of putting the gear levers on the right-hand side and the quill-feed controls on the left. Hi John I did look at the options for the motor similar to what you are saying but i like things to be neat and tidy. On 9 Aug, You are chatting with: Using helical gears in steel in combination with fibre-gearwheels a very strong and noiseless transmission is obtained.


How often do you want to be notified about new listings? Partial Set of Ox Router Aluminium I dumped the original inner and used an old spindle from a lever lock collet closer. Thanks for watching Cheers, Detlef. Expect to do a lot of machining of the table. Validation of Bank connection. Your contact seems to be inactive. Drachten, Netherlands dealership location.

To do this i took the decision to sell the Bridgeport as that take the most room up and if need be i have access to another. Bsntuidg Drilling capacity, diameter: During the s and s a copy of the U was built in Taiwan. Kapema BM 25 – MK3. Inlet wire — 23,00 mm Diameter block — mm Speed — 0,80 m per second potentiometer Pulling force — 7.

Searching for help, getting a Fitted with the faster of the two high-speed options to r. I will loose the two motor speeds but will get this back from the VFD control and will still have two mechanical speeds to play with.

Right then been a very very very quiet on the build front for a good while now for very good reason.