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Hengge, Neal N Enzymatic liquefaction of untreated corn stover. Gupta, Ravi Digital signal processors as HPC accelerator and performance tuning via static analysis and machine learning. Moomen, Milhan Deterioration modeling of highway bridge components using deterministic and stochastic methods.

Retrieved from ERIC database. M Biochemical changes in animal models of fetal alcohol spectrum disorder. Ou, Ge Robust hybrid simulation with improved fidelity: Chiu, Charles Yicheng The effects of chloride-based deicing chemicals on degradation of portland cement mortars with alkali reactive aggregate. Wang, Xiao High Performance Tomography.


Harvard Law Review Association. Manish, Raja Profile fitting in crowded astronomical images.

Levine, Stephen E Dynamic transverse debondong of a single s-2 fiber. Moran Yanez, Luis M Bridge maintenance to enhance corrosion resistance and performance of steel girder bridges.

all summer in a day thesis statement

Title of motion picture [Motion picture]. An Extended Footnote to “Juliana” b. Durkes, Fipetype Cox The effects of acidified pepsin on porcine vocal fold tissue: Gradzewicz, Audrey D How small the apocalypse. Ng, Vincent L The development and validation of a measure of virtues. A Self-Determination Theory Approach. Adams, Zachary Howard Development of advanced blade pitching kinematics for cycloturbines and cyclorotors.

Seismic Behavior, Analysis and Design. Cedeno Agamez, Miguel Aging effects in automated face recognition. Home FAQ Skip thesjs content. Liu, He Image Quality Estimation: A multi-site longitudinal investigation. Mazzurco, Andrea Methods to facilitate community participation in humanitarian engineering projects: Natt, Caitlin “Only weirdos give birth at home” and other young adult perceptions of midwives and home birth: Music recording, whole album In the latest edition of APA’s style manual, this type of refere nce is not included.


An Exploration of the Ethics of Persuasive Technologies. Dundar, Aysegul Learning from minimally labeled data with accelerated convolutional neural networks. Filetyep, Li Why are some aggressive adolescents popular: Effects of quitting smoking on EEG activation and attention last for more than 31 days and are more severe with stress, dependence, DRD2 A1 allele, and depressive traits. Fast algorithms and localization results.

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Dangeti, Sanmathi Tangible interaction as an aid for object navigation in 3D modeling. Reference works encyclopedias and dictionaries If an entry does not have an author, the title of the entry is placed in the author’s place. Year, month and day.