Alexander Berkman (Author) This is the unabridged republication of Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism, originally published by the Vanguard. Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism is an introduction to the principles of anarchism and anarchist communism written by Alexander Berkman . Now and After: The ABC of Communist Anarchism () by Alexander Berkman Chapter Will Communist Anarchism Work? Chapter

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The ABC of Anarchism by Alexander Berkman

alexandef Just stop to consider how Europe is paying off its financial debt to America or the interest on it. Are you really only one? You were taught that God had made the world and that all is well; that there must be rich and poor, and that you should respect the rich and be content with your lot. The lessons of the Russian Revolution in particular call for a new approach to various important problems, chief among them the character and activities of the social revolution.

That is, of course, very lf to the boss: Ill give an example. Similarly the primitive man’s ignorance and fear made life a continuous struggle of man against man, of family against family, of tribe against tribe, until men realized that by getting together, by joint effort and mutual aid, they could accomplish more than by strife and enmity. When the highwayman holds his gun to your head, you turn your valuables over to him.

But it is not only the worker and the farmer who are exploited and forced to give up the greater part of their product to the capitalists, to those who have monopolized the land, the railroads, the factories, the machinery, and all natural resources.


He seemed to be talking down to people, but I think he was trying to reach out to the uneducated.

Single-handed he is powerless and cannot succeed; by the aid of his fellow-men he triumphs over od obstacles. Insurrectionary anarchism Platformism Synthesis federations. The highwayman also works hard and takes great risks to boot. Special laws were rushed through to stifle every free expression of opinion.

So even is the Chicago Theological Seminary. But who are the police and the soldiers who protect the capitalists against you, against the people?

Paperbackpages. But is that system good for you? Wherever you look you will see the corroding and degrading effect of money, of possession, of the mania to have and to hold.

But can you name a single one of them ever executed in the United States? It was an orderly gathering, such as were anarchims taking place in Chicago at the time. Organization of Labor for the Social Revolution.

What is Anarchism?

So the whole matter seems to stand this way:. The entire thing is kept up by educating the people to believe that capitalism is night, that the law is just, and that the government must be obeyed. Is it because the workers are not very important in the life of society? They clearly demonstrate the fact that.

Do they tell you of the army of unemployed that capitalism holds ready to take the bread from your mouth when you go on strike for better pay? The employers keep that wealth as their profit, while the worker gets only a wage, just enough to live on, so he can go on producing more wealth for his employer.


In that struggle every method is used to achieve success, to down your competitor, to raise yourself above him by every means possible. And even if he should make these himself, he would first have to have the raw materials — steel and iron — which other men would have to supply. Refresh and try again. We must aelxander to our manufacturer.

Review of What is Anarchism by Alexander Berkman | Anarchist Writers

In such a case the judge, having no personal feeling or interest in the matter, may decide the case on its merits. The patronizing tone Berkman purposely employs only goes to further highlight the shallowness of his arguments.

However, compared to Marxism his account of a revolution and the problems it will face is extremely realistic as are, in the main, his suggestions. Stolen from the producer, the worker. Everything that war destroys — bridges and harbors, cities and ships, fields and factories — all must be built up again.

They get rich by it. What a legal outrage the verdict was you can judge from the action of John P.