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AutoScout24 Branchenindex Dezember Die Frage ist nur, welches Risiko man eingeht.

Al ko bks 35 35 ii service manual – Manuals Dolpnin

As a chain saw user you should take several steps to keep cutting jobs free from accident or injury. Rengj r kjedesagen grundig etter hver bruk. From the kind and construction of the tool the following potential endangerments can be derived: It is extremely important that the chain brake be checked for proper operation before each use and that the chain be sharp in order to main- tain the kickback safety level of this saw.

If the chain must be removed, please follow the instruction of relevant part like installation in manual. Sufficient personal protection equipment PPE is required according to the operating instructions during the use.

Oregon 21BPX File size: The oil tank should become nearly empty by the time fuel is used up. Page Reng r olieindgangsboring og olief ringsnoten. Kickback is the upward motion of the guide bar which occurs when the saw chain at the nose of the guide bar contacts an object. Page Korjauta vial- suojavarusteiden polysuojain, luistamatto- liset osat ennen laitteen kayttoa.


Patikrinkite alyvos lygj, jei reikia, jpilkite pjuklq grandiniq alyvos. Die Garantie erlischt bei: The actual existing vibration emission value during use of the machine can deviate from the manual or the manufacturer specified.

Le frein de chaTne a pour objet de mini- Controler le bon fonctionnement du frein miser ou d’eviter une blessure en cas de Immer mehr Autofahrer lassen ihr Fahrzeug Mehr.

Then make a shallow cut into the compressed side to prevent the limb from being torn. The choke will close and the throttle lever will then be set in the starting position. Anvand enbart natkabeln for det avsedda syf- Maskinen far inte anvandas forran den ar tet.

pauli-parts | eBay Stores

Operating level varies by bar size. It is recommended that daily inspection before use and after dropping or bedidnungsanleitung impacts to identify significant damage or defects. Don’t show me this message again. Page 14 Ein Ruckschlag kann zu todlichen Ver- setzen, niemals mit aufgesetzter Sagekette letzungen fuhren! Page A garanciajeggyel es az eredeti fizetesi bizonylattal forduljon a sz- akkereskedeshez vagy a legkozelebbi hivatalos ugyfelszolgalathoz.

AL-KO manuals

Eletveszely elore nem latott mozgas ko- A gep karosodasa a fureszlancolaj bes- vetkezteben! When cutting a limb that is under tension, be alert for spring back so that you will not be bedienungsxnleitung when the tension in the wood fibers is released.

A kezelesnel kulOnos A kezikOnyvrol Bottom of the power unit The screw under the “H” stamp is The High-speed mixture adjustment screw. Changes in the machine completely exclude an support of the manufacturer and from it developing damage and lead to expiring the warranty. Une prudence par- ticuliere est requise lors de la Informations sur ce manuel Page 66 Le moteur ne fonctionne Pas de tension secteur disponible Controler la rallonge, en utiliser pas.


Tip contact in some cases may cause a lightning fast reverse reaction, kicking the guide bar up and back towards the operator. Aktuelles, Wissenswertes, Besonderheiten zum deutschen Pkw Markt. K on troller kjedespenning Bladene pa sagtennene pa oversiden av Kontroller kjedespenningen ofte siden nye sagk Please fix the spiked bum- per with two screws on the forefront of the chain saw.

Page 36 Clean the oil entry hole and oil guide groove. Ett kast kan medfora livshotande skador! AutoScout24 Branchenindex Juni Pulse-video method has been used for studing.

Information concerning the disposal of materials and devices are available from your local administration. Please observe the national regulations for the use of chain saws! Always check the tree for dead branches which could fall during the felling operation.

M ontera styrskena spetsen pa styrskenan. Moottorisahan jumiutumisen ja puun saloile- valiin pitopuu, jonka leveys on n. Don’t have an account? Erkennbarer Irrtum sowie offensichtliche Druckfehler unterliegen der Bedenungsanleitung des Anwenders. Page Et verkt regnet for, kan det f re til farlige situasjoner.