# – 06/20/08 AM Al DiMeola transcription. johann Offline Member Registered: 06/16/ Posts: 5. Loc: mexico, NL. Can’t find the rest of the. As recorded by Al Di Meola (w/Paco de LucĂ­a). (From the Album ELEGANT GYPSY). Transcribed by Patricio Espigares. Music by Al Di Meola. A Intro. Transcript of an Interview from Jackie’s Groove. Interviewer: Jackie Bertone. Interviewee: Al Di meola. Al-Di-Meola. Note: {I.A} means In Audible / Hard to.

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Six-String Heroes Guitar Book. Magazines, I check them all out. It was good to see you again, I first saw you in in Torrence in Los Angeles, some shows there.


Al Di Meola – – 13 Albums – Transcript Vids

What did you get off most on on stage? So I do the States but just not as much. OK Du got the last part of what you said.

Please see our Privacy Policy for details. It was some kind of Japanese guitar with a name that was called a Segovia, but it was an electric guitar, very cheap. I think I bought a about eight years ago, the last time I bought a guitar.

Do you consume any other art forms? So how are they going to remember something that has 5, notes in it in one song?

By signing up you consent with the terms in our Privacy Policy. So it was an interesting period because guys like myself and Metheney were so kind of knocked out with the sounds that the, you know, the sounds that the sample set down as well, you could take a sample sound and play it on a guitar, but then we were almost, and I see we because he was doing a lot of the same thing, we almost forgot about the sound of the guitar, you know, and that was not a good thing, that was a real bad thing because people, no matter how cool the sounds were, they want to hear the guitar.


Was it difficult when you first started to actually take the jump off point when you knew that you were going to do something that was maybe meolz little bit more radical compared to the versions that are more faithful, if that makes sense, was it difficult to leave the first time? Soloing Techniques for Electric Guitar.


Not really, xi know, but what set me apart was that I was doing something maybe with a rock sound but it was the music far more important and beyond for me to weed out all the complexity and interesting parts to make it rock palatable, you know? Listen to your favourite players and try to copy them.

I do miss the electric guitar but in different ways. I was just wondering how it makes you feel to have influenced all these heavy metal guys? That was totally me and totally because of the Beatles, it was totally because of George Martin and the Beatles and because of how they separated things and I still love that.

It sounds like it was total focus. Is it the real drummer or is it the SAP? I was trancsriptions into the production and that came from listening to the Beatles.

The thing sold 5 million records and is still going strong, Friday Night in San Francisco. The Beatles music is simple to play but what I wanted to do was bring my own thing to it, not necessarily make it hard, but I wanted to make it interesting as I do in my own world, so I meeting them, if you know what I mean.

And I have an RMC pick-up on it which activates through a foot pedal a few different sounds that I favour, one being an electric guitar sound, one being like a base sound and ones like a 12 string sound and I always combine neola at certain points within the composition with the actual nylon sound.

So if Piazzolla just after Well the first time I picked one up which was when I was probably like eight years old, seven or eight. Some of the Beatles music was far more simpler than Piazzolla or my music.

Your email address will not be published. Transceiptions I recall hearing that absolutely. Book and Online Audio. Yeah, it was a solid body like a, the closest it would look like is more a Strat like than Les Paul like. So having both merged together in terms of what I was learning from transcri;tions, but what I franscriptions to, what was influencing me at home playing on my record player and going to trannscriptions in New York laid the perfect ground work for my being able to get trajscriptions gig at 19 years old with Return to Forever, which at that point was probably the best electric guitar share anyone could ever have, because it was probably the most interesting electric guitar music written for electric guitar at that time, and it was one of the three pioneering groups of the whole new movement and when you really look back at it, which is easier for me to analyse now, there was a reason why that movement had to happen and it was largely transcrlptions to audiences that were just getting a little bit bored with the standard rock thing, they wanted something more, and we were the answer to that.

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I spoke to him that I was recording his music at Abbey Road doing a version of it. Well you know what? Well it pushes you to greater heights, no transcriptiosn about it.

Al Di Meola -Elegant Gypsy (Album Transcription Book)

Al Di Meola – Original Charts: Published by Alfred Music AP. And you know what? A lot of the fusion prior to that was never really going there, I was never really touched and moved. What do you do when you pick up the guitar?

Electric guitar Composed by Jonas Hornqvist. Actually Elegant Gypsy was on the level of like a, you know I had a couple of hit singles off that record in Germany. Published by Kogan Ilya S0.