To get only the cpu info from the topas command terminal. pre AIX The topas tool is a full-screen tool and its output is not well suited for. TOPAS – NMON: TOPAS Reports selected local and remote system statistics. The topas command requires the and file sets to be. An interactive paper that provides help on understanding the fields from the AIX topas command and what commands can be used to dig deeper into a.

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To prevent this from happening, make sure to spread the adapters across multiple buses. With the -D flag specified, you can run the following subcommands: The number of kilobytes written per second to the virtual target device or disk.

Shows the WPAR -specific metrics.

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Displays the Cross-partition panel. KB-Read The number of kilobytes read per second from the physical disk.

The following fields are displayed for each class: The percentage of physical processor that is used while idle cycles are being stolen by the hypervisor. The name is stripped of any pathname topsa argument information and truncated yopas 9 characters in length. Replaces the current display with the Disk Metric display.


Pressing the d key turns off this subsection. Runqueue The average number of threads that were ready to run but were waiting for a processor to become available. The following fields are displayed for each class: Posted in Abc of AixSystem Admin. Infact the sample output’s given were captured one after the other in the same server but the results seems to be not matching.

topas commands | ABC Of AIX

Real,MB The size of real memory in megabytes. Syscalls The total number of system calls per second that are run over the monitoring interval.

The total amount of workload partitions can be in the following states: PgspOut Number of 4K pages written to paging space per second over the monitoring interval. Additional Logical Partition Panel topas —L Subcommands When the topas Logical panel is active, it accepts the following additional 1-character subcommand. To display all of the virtual adapters present in the partition Virtual Adapter Panelpress the v key.

Retrieval of process information constitutes the majority of the topas overhead. This can be considered an expression of the footprint of the process but does not include the memory used to keep the executable program and any shared libraries it may depend on.


AQD The number of requests waiting to be sent to the adapter.

A smaller number of physical disks is displayed if other subsections are also being displayed. Retrieval of process information constitutes the majority of the topas overhead. AQW The average time spent by a transfer request in the waiting queue. I-Pack The amount of data packets received per second over the monitoring interval.

To get only the cpu info from the topas command terminal

The time to receive a response from the hosting server for the write request sent. If you press the f key, the following details of the disks that belong to the adapter are displayed on the Adapter panel: The entries are always sorted from highest to lowest tipas. Replace s, “”.

When you press the d key again, it displays the total disk activity. This subsection shows a aiz report summary of the activity for all physical disks. The following fields are displayed for each process: This is done through a tool called nmon analyzer, which provides the hooks into nmon.