This instruction implements Air Force Policy Directive , .. addressed in 59 MDWI , Infection Prevention and Control Program. (AFI) , Medical Evaluation Boards – Air Force Freedom of Read more about profiles, audit, officials, pimr, milpds and evaluation. Process supplements to this instruction as shown in Air Force Instruction (AFI) , TR: AFI and local medical treatment facility.

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Categorical Flying Class II qualifies rated officers for duty in certain restricted aircraft categories. Be resolved or be stable and be ibstruction to remain so under the stresses of the aviation environment. Heart and Vascular System. PES personnel notify the health care provider to initiate MEB action or fitness for worldwide duty evaluation – ARC members as soon as the provider determines that the member will not be expected to return to duty within 1 year of the 4T start date or within 1 year of the date a 4T profile should have been initiated.

Drug Abuse Reporting to commanders, social actions officers, and other responsible parties of active duty personnel identified as drug experimenters, users, or addicts. Aeromedical issues will be addressed when and if the member requests return to active flying status at a later date.

Akr Force resource managers determine if a waiver request is appropriate. Paroxysmal supraventricular tachycardia, atrial flutter unless successfully ablated by catheter based method radiofrequency ablation and not associated with structural heart disease. Myelopathic muscular atrophy, including residuals of poliomyelitis. A completed DD Form see Chapter One handwritten, legible, abbreviated copy to the individual.


Recurrent pseudocystitis or frequent abdominal pain requiring hospitalization or steatorrhea, or disturbance of glucose metabolism requiring insulin.

Hallux valgus when moderately severe, with exostosis or rigidity and pronounced symptoms, or severe with arthritic changes. Unequivocal impairment of renal function.

All AVOs must fodce worldwide qualifications as outlined in Attachment 2. State in the report the method of blood sugar determination and the normal values of the laboratory used.

Excusal of fitness testing requires a AF Form Gastrectomy, subtotal with or without vagotomy, or gastrojejunostomy or pyloroplasty with or without vagotomy, when, in spite of good medical management, the individual: No reversible ischemic ST changes i.

Meets scheduled medical appointments as directed. Seizures following omission of prescribed medication or ingestion of alcoholic beverages are not indicative of the controllability of the disorder. If approved, the patient must be briefed that retirement or separation proceeds on schedule despite hospitalization or convalescence.


Peripheral nerve conditions such as: Any significant medical condition requiring hospitalization, excusal, grounding, profile change or suspension from flying status is recorded as part of the interval medical history. Current orthopedic consultation which reports strength, stability, mobility, and functional capacity of the back. Local policy will determine the frequency and which HHT ie. Congenital anomaly, jnstruction in frequent or recurring infections or when there is evidence of obstructive uropathy instruuction responding to medical or surgical treatment.

Night blindness of such a degree that the member requires assistance in travel at night.


Physical Fitness: Air Force Physical Fitness Afi

ANG members will be assigned a P3 profile. Determines medical qualification for continued military duty on ARC members with questionable or disqualifying medical conditions who are not eligible for disability processing.

Xir the following information; name last, first, MIrank, SSN, flying class, percent of hemoglobin-S, and certification date.

UFT graduates awaiting upgrade training are required to maintain Flying Class II qualification and are followed the same as any active flyer. The appropriate ARC surgeon see Attachment 10, note 8 uses the standards in Attachment 2 either alone or in combination with other criteria to determine: Added-AFMC Answers questions regarding the application of medical standards to all types of medical examinations and profile reports.

Report of appropriate x rays. Ensures commanders are aware of the fitness of the force 2. No evidence of congestive heart failure.

AFOSH StandardHealth Hazards Control for Laser Radiation, requires examination upon termination and permanent change of station or permanent change of assignment from laser related duties.

AFI 44-157

See Chapter 14 for additional guidance regarding ARC members. Even if the requirements in A2. During dental evaluation document the satisfactory restoration of masticatory function, appearance, and clear speech. Summary of past treatment from a cognizant physician, if applicable. When attacks are not controlled by medication.