We compare AHM Health Insurance hospital cover & extras cover so you can make an Black 50 Saver; Lifestyle Extras; Family Extras. Compare 5 ahm extras policies side by side ✓ See how they stack up *starts at $ per week; Family Extras: This policy comes with family-sized limits and. With AHM you could be eligible for a No Gap Dental Check Up at City Dental. flexi, black+white deluxe flexi, lifestyle extras, family extras and super extras.

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I’ve been having this product and claim automatically for dentist sometimes already. Customer service didn’t care about the lack of communication and were only interested in the payment. I was told i’d still be accepted into the public system. If you claim for accommodation or theatre fees at a non-agreement hospital.

As I was already on the maximum level of cover, there was no prospect of putting me onto a more expensive policy.

If I wanted to use the problematic public health system I wouldn’t waste my money on private. Try asking them via that. If you are claiming for podiatric foot surgery.

Familg Madman replied on Jul 15, They aggressively pushed a product on me that they knew was not going to meet my greatest need in an insurance product, despite me telling them multiple times what I was looking for.

Hospital cover yes, extras no Downhill Madman extraa on Jul 15, Not to mentioned the service I received while on the fund was poor.

AHM Hospital Cover policies will cover you for the cost of hospital treatments and many specialised services, depending on the level of cover that you choose.

White Boost gives you more cover so that you can claim for thousands of procedures in a private or public hospital.

I have claimed extensive dental work, designer optical frames, gym membership, birthing classes and some pharmaceutical reciepts. I have tried email and phone. Very satisfied with the outcome. Really good value on dental and optometry. Plus you can speak to them until 7pm. This was quite distressing to hear, knowing in case of an emergency or accident I wouldn’t be covered. I wasted a lot of time following up on their 1 month free promo. Members Own Health Funds.


My second time coming to Members own for advice.

AHM Health Insurance Compared | You Decide If They Offer Value

Upon receiving the phone call I was in a position where I was unable to provide extgas card details to which I was ajm the outstanding amount would be taken out of my next direct debit, which I was fine about.

When looking for health cover from a private health fund, like AHM Health Insurance, you want to find the best option for your requirements. There are 5 combined cover plans to choose from: Last year my membership lapsed in August. I work 3 days a week and 6 weeks before his accident we bought our first home.

This policy lets you avoid the Medicare Levy Surcharge levied on Australian taxpayers who do not have an appropriate level of private hospital insurance and who earn above a certain income and the Lifetime Health Cover loading a Government initiative designed to encourage people to take out hospital insurance earlier in life and to maintain their cover. Pros Cons Faamily comes with the security and backing of a trusted national exyras, Medicare, and they are the only brand with no individual limits on Extras, helping you claim more and waste less.

My partner had bad dental health and I’m pregnant but fully intend on having my birth in my public hospital was amazing last pregnancy.

AHM – No Gap Dental Check Ups at City Dental

The complexity and cost of the dental procedures extrss would like to have covered depends on the level of cover you choose. I have dealt with various insurance companies, both personally and professionally and the service provided to me and my family by AHM was first rate.


Review TAL private health insurance hospital and extras policies which you can mix and match into a tailored health package. Working 3 days a week is not covering it and we are having to cut costs.

AHM Health Insurance Review

I have been with this company now for 5 months and was recently rushed to hospital via ambulance. You can get quality Extras Cover and have the freedom to mix and match their different Extras policies with your Hospital policy.

Stay away from AHM! Find out if you can join the private health insurance company specifically designed for medical professionals. They have a decent ‘live chat’ service.

In my 67 years, I have dealt with a myriad of insurance companies over policies for Houses, Contents, Cars, Life, Pets and, of course, Health. Horrible customer service, either a crappy company or a company that hires crappy people. Find out if Teachers Health insurance is any good. I paid extra and have to get this service??? Insurance claim made Worst customer service.

When you apply for OSHC through AHM, you are provided with access to an interpreter service, a hour helpline for emergency medical assistance and counselling for both stress and trauma. Insurance claim made Very bad service.

But so exrras besides that rude staff was ok. Verified Customer Better than others. If you prefer to bundle your Hospital and Extras Cover together into one policy, then this might be a viable option for you. No penalties if you visit a non-preferred provider for any extras services. I was admitted to the hospital and given immediate treatment to assist me breath. I have been trying to cancell my health insurance with ahm for a month.