Dunnair WPR & WPRL Water Cooled Unit Brochure [pdf kb]. MHI Premium Air [pdf kb]. Copeland CF and CS Compressor Catalogue [pdf kb]. English, Book, Illustrated edition: Actrol parts catalogue & technical manual: refrigeration, Subjects. Air conditioning — Equipment and supplies — Catalogs. Actrol catalogue & technical manual: suppliers to refrigeration, air-conditioning and allied industries. Front Cover. Actrol, – Refrigeration and refrigerating.

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No internal room ambient disruption access needed and all set outside the room. Digital pulse signal – electronic expansion valve Well, seems time has come for the refrigeration world to catch up with the air conditioning era. Civil provides specialised products and service for civil construction works including water mains, sewerage, drainage, fire services, gas mains and telecommunications. October 5, at 5: These two units work in tandem to create the perfect climate inside.

The outdoor unit contains the compressor while the indoor unit contains the fan and evaporator components of the air conditioner.

Imagine how easy it will be axtrol technicians to set superheat parameters by an interface device that only needs a few settings. Thermostatic expansion valves cant work too well with low superheat and liquid pressure but EEV’s can. Kaden ducted heaters are available from Metalflex and Reece… How much will installation cost?

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What would Dennis do is on Facebook. Actrol have an experienced team of Application Engineeers located across Australia to assist customers with new and existing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.


Now we are seeing the introduction of pulse control electronic expansion valves to medium and low temperature heat exchangers of lower than normal commercial capacity. Kaden Owners Manual Download File. Kaden Installer Manual Download File.

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Actrol are proud to supply world leading brands from around the globe. Metalflex provides heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems and parts for contractors servicing the residential market.

Technical Resources and Product Guide Actrol’s technical resources and product guides contain extensive technical data wit over detailed product specifications. What would Dennis do added 2 new photos.

Applications Engineering Actrol have an experienced team of Application Engineeers located across Australia to assist customers with new and existing refrigeration and air conditioning equipment.

Here are the resources you need to ensure your day runs easier and faster. Review past projects and see how previous customers have utilised Actrol products and tools to complete their jobs.

How about putting an interface module device plug in in your front pocket and plugging in when needed to an external control. To connect with What would Dennis do, join Facebook today.

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These two units are connected by piping that carries refrigerant needed to cool or heat the air. Installation costs will vary depending on the current state of your home … View all FAQ’s.


Designed to cool or heat a single room or open area, Kaden wall mounted air conditioners comprise of an indoor unit, which is located on the wall and an out unit which is usually located in a convenient position outside. Innovative features and intuitive functions, make this the air conditioner for all seasons.

Kaden Controller Manual Download File. Refrigeration systems use duty cycle pulse control PWM rather than opening degree stepping motor types as seen on split AC systems. Its showrooms provide expert advice and allow customers to experience world-leading brands hands on.

Catalogue & Technical Manual Issue 9 » Actrol

Get in touch Name. They also can be used with point of origin brand typeCarel and Danfoss for example. The Actrol Catalogue has been in print for actfol 50 years in many different, but instantly recognisable forms What is wall mounted air conditioning?

The EEV can be multi capacity for a very impressive kW range gone are the orifices The best part is that they can be used with fairly common algorithm actro, with most management systems. Onsite provides specialised service, supplying plumbing and bathroom products to volume home builders and commercial developers.