provide extensive information about 9 Line MEDEVAC Request (). MEDEVAC / CASEVAC in the NATO 9-line format / MIST. The MIST includes: ZAP / ROSTER / ADMIN NUMBER M – Mechanism of Injury (mine, GSW, RPG. MEDEVAC: evacuation using special dedicated medical assets marked with a Red .. The MIST report and Zap number may be given before or after the 9-line, .

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Their 9-Line Medevac sticker is perfect for mounting in vehicles, on radios and anywhere you might need a handy reference. This is a great product, lins I would love to order some for my guys.

Determine number of patients by type- this is not only valuable information to have when calling in the 9line but it will also allow medical personnel to accurately triage patients based on their medical condition and chances of living. Both comments and pings are currently closed. Great post, bought 4 of the large medevac stickers which will come in handy when we ship out for Afghanistan.

Frequency and call-sign at pickup site- this is the frequency and callsign that you will be talking to the incoming MEDEVAC aircraft on.

One thing we really like about RE FActor Tactical is that they are vets themselves and donate a portion of their profits to military related charities.

Line 3 no longer has the Urgent Surgical and Convenience categories. Report — The M. Click here for more information. Method of Marking at pickup site important: December 5, at Made from Water Resistant Vinyl in Tan, sized 2. Remember, training to send in a 9Line is necessary for all personnel on the ground.


If a MEDEVAC is improperly requested in, the patient may not receive medical care promptly, possibly resulting in catastrophic consequences. I think it is worthwhile and should be medeva in the case of an escort provided for woth child. If possible linr this on all 9Line cards before the mission. My only gripe is that this is not up to date with the current NATO 9-line standard being used in theater. Your email address will not be published.

Personnel calling in a MEDEVAC while in a state of panic may relay incorrect information or speak in a manner that is incomprehensible over the radio. This can be a card placed in an IFAK, on a radio or kept in a pocket.

To ensure the 9Line is called in properly the Operator should consider writing down the information to ensure all pertinent information is passed.

How To Call In A 9Line MEDEVAC And MIST Report | RE Factor Tactical

Care under fire- Once fire superiority has been established medical personnel can begin care under fire. Currently you have JavaScript disabled. A- Urgent surgical – i. Additionally, while still standardized as Line 9 being for NBC, it is common practice for liine to just be labeled as terrain description and have no mention on NBC during the report.

Army 9 Line Medevac Card With Mist |

This entry was posted libe Monday, December 5th, at All leadership and medical personnel should get with local MEDEVAC elements to ensure they have proper radio frequencies and 9Line formats readily available. B- Urgent non-surgical – the i. Again, operating personnel should practice radioing for help as part of their response to attack.


In this step medical personnel and medically trained operators can start to tend to life-threatening wounds while maintaining security. Merevac you have a safe LZ for the landing party. At all costs, the firefight must be won before moving towards rendering aid to the wounded.

Sure, RE Factor Tactical has some really great morale t-shirtsbut they also offer an item that has some tactical utility.

Army 9 Line Medevac Card With Mist

Additionally, training should include stressful scenarios where personnel, from privates to senior officers, practice calling in MEDEVACS to training cadre. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

Remember, responding units will not come any faster if the RTO is calling the 9Line in a sensitive manner. February 23, refactor. In this step critically wounded personnel is identified emdevac consolidated in the event, there is limited space on incoming MEDEVAC platforms. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2. These libe make for great checklists to post inside a Marine Corps DASC, help the operators make sure they got all of the info they need.

If the unit under fire reduces the overall aggression and violence of action against the enemy force it could result in a greater loss of personnel. Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser.